The first big eSports tournament of 2018 was the Street Fighter V World Championship, which drew large crowds of people to watch some of the best players in the world battle for supremacy. Esports has exploded over recent years and more than 100 million people worldwide are expected to tune into League Of Legends this year alone. There’s no doubt that eSport is on its way up; however, it still lacks mainstream appeal but could soon become a staple within society if managed correctly by companies like Disney..

Street Fighter is a video game franchise that was first released in 1987. The “street fighter characters” are the main characters of the series.

For a long time, the Jacksonville Jaguars were the NFL’s laughingstock. Nobody wanted to take this squad seriously because of Urban Meyer’s off-the-field difficulties, Trevor Lawrence’s struggles, and the awful type of football they were playing.

However, in the NFL, things can change rapidly, and the Jaguars’ fortunes have changed dramatically in recent weeks. They stunned the world by defeating the Buffalo Bills and held their ground against the Indianapolis Colts despite a huge disadvantage early on.

Meyer hasn’t packed his belongings yet. Rather, despite a dreadful 2-7 record, he remains hopeful about the Jaguars.

The Jaguars came up just short against Carson Wentz and the Colts.

Teams with a 17-point lead in a game are 62-1 this season, according to @ESPNStatsInfo. The Colts’ only defeat came in Week 5 against the Ravens. #Jaguars

November 14, 2021 — Michael DiRocco (@ESPNdirocco)

The Jaguars’ last game against the Colts seemed to be a disaster from the start. After scoring the first 17 points of the game, Indianapolis went into halftime with a 20-9 advantage.

The Jaguars were attempting to make the Colts pay after blowing a 17-point lead earlier this season. Despite having a chance to grab the lead with a minute remaining in the fourth quarter, they fell short.

Lawrence labored once again, completing 16 of 35 passes for 162 yards and no touchdowns. Instead, the Jaguars’ running game kept them in the game. James Robinson returned from injury and rushed for 57 yards and a touchdown on 12 runs, while gadget-man Jamal Agnew rushed for 79 yards on three carries, including a 66-yard touchdown.

Regardless, with just two victories on the season and a 17-0 deficit, the Jaguars might have easily given up. Instead, they rallied and offered all they had in the hopes of surprising another AFC playoff candidate.

Despite the Jaguars’ poor record, Urban Meyer is pleased with what he’s witnessing.

Meyer has said repeatedly that despite all that has happened, he wants to fight for his team. Meyer did it again after they stunned everyone by defeating the Bills.

Then, after a disappointing defeat to the Colts and a chance to gain some momentum, Meyer came up with another brilliant play that shows he’s all-in on this Jaguars experiment (h/t’s Kevin Patra).

“There is a lot of optimism.” We’re not too far away. “I refuse to accept we’re still so far away.”

The status of the Jaguars, according to Urban Meyer

Normally, a rookie quarterback, a first-year NFL head coach, and an underperforming team with just two wins on the season would be discouraging. Meyer, on the other hand, maintains that this squad is near.

Whether it is true or not remains to be seen, but Meyer at least offers them some encouraging words to help them gain traction. He didn’t stop there, though, and went on to discuss the status of his Jaguars in further detail.

“It’s a gang of street warriors,” says the narrator.

Urban Meyer is battling for his team.

Even with a 17-point first-quarter hole, the Jaguars battled hard, upset the Bills, and fought against the Colts. After a bleak start to Meyer’s tenure as head coach of the Jaguars, things may finally be looking up in Jacksonville.

After a dismal start, the first-year NFL head coach is fighting for his job.

Jaguars HC Urban Meyer is optimistic about his team.

Jaguars HC Urban Meyer is optimistic about his team. Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer | Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Meyer’s future as the Jaguars’ head coach was questioned just a few weeks ago. He mismanaged the locker room, made terrible personnel choices, and was unforgivable in his off-field behavior.

But it feels like a long time ago. Yes, the Jaguars are just 2-7 on the season and are expected to finish in the top five draft picks.

However, our roster is in desperate need of some new blood. Lawrence certainly needs more time to mature, and the defense also requires improvement. Meyer, despite all of this, does not seem to be going away.

The Detroit Lions are winless in Dan Campbell’s first season as head coach, and his roster is abysmal. Both of them should be safe for the time being.

What helps Meyer is that the Jaguars battle week after week when they might easily give up and pack their belongings, looking forward to the 2022 NFL season.

Meyer’s optimism and encouragement may, after all, be paying off.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

Shawne Merriman Gave Tortured Jaguars, Lions, and Texans Fans a Reason to Look Forward to the Second Half of the 2021 Season: ‘These guys have nothing to lose,’ says the narrator.

Street Fighter is a fighting game franchise that was created in 1987 by Capcom. The series has since spawned several sequels, spin-offs, and related media. The original Street Fighter game was released on the arcades in 1987. One of the most famous characters from the series is Ryu, who is known for his iconic “Hadoken” fireball attack. Reference: street fighter anime.

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