The reason for changing the name was that I was sick of that guy. I was tired of his wild antics on the field, his diving antics off the field, his antics on the field, his antics off the field. But yeah I guess it’s time to move on. I’m excited about my new life and the opportunities that are coming my way.

‘I’m Sick of That Dude’ is the latest in a series of blog posts created by former Miami Hurricanes football star and current ESPN college football analyst, Sam McKewon. The series began in 2015 with ‘I’m Sick of That Coach’, where Sam used his platform to lash out at his former boss, Jim Larranaga. Since then, ‘I’m Sick of That Analyst’ and ‘I’m Sick of That Head Basketball Coach’ have been released, and all have been created as self-deprecating takes on Sam’s career. The latest entry in the series, ‘I’m Sick of That Dude’, reflects Sam’s feelings on his lame interactions with the society around him.

So, you grew up in a small town and your favorite sport was baseball. You played it all your life and it was always your favorite. You started playing in the summer league and after a few years, you were offered a full time spot on the team. At the end of highschool, you started playing in college, and after a couple years of playing, you’re now starting your career. Now, as you near the end of your career and you’re starting to enjoy the game again, you notice that there is a new player on your team.

Klay Thompson still has all-world potential, despite the fact that he hasn’t played for the Golden State Warriors in a long time. That fact has helped the guard amass a large net worth of $60 million in the Association, owing to those lucrative contracts. However, Draymond Green now owns a portion of his cash.

The Warriors guard said that he’s been playing a lot of dominoes during a recent Instagram Live. While the pastime isn’t physically taxing, it can pose certain dangers. Thompson stated that he had lost a significant amount of money to Green as a result of his wrongdoing.

Klay Thompson has amassed a net worth of $60 million as a result of his scoring prowess. 0a5NQ

Thompson hasn’t played in the NBA since the conclusion of the 2018-19 season due to his unfortunate ACL and Achilles injuries. Those recent problems, on the other hand, didn’t stop the guard from earning a lot of money before being forced to retire.

Thompson entered the 2011 NBA draft with the Warriors as the 11th overall selection, after a successful collegiate career at Washington State. Even while it didn’t have the same weight as selecting first overall, the guard was able to sign a $9.7 million rookie deal.

Klay’s earning potential increased as he became as a vital member of the Warriors’ offensive rotation. He signed a four-year contract for $68.9 million in October 2014. He’d earn his first trip to the All-Star Game and his first NBA title later that year. The guard continued to excel and re-upped with the Warriors soon after injuring his ACL in the 2019 NBA Finals. Thompson, who has yet to return to the hardwood, will begin the third year of a $189 million contract in the autumn of 2021.

As you would imagine, all of that raw pay, along with some smart business maneuvers, has paid off handsomely. Thompson is worth $60 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Playing dominoes and losing money to Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson holds Draymond Green during the 2019 NBA Finals.

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson holds Draymond Green during the 2019 NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in action during the 2019 NBA Finals. | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

While Thompson’s $60 million net worth would usually enable him to do anything he wanted, back-to-back injuries likely restricted his choices. It’s difficult to go to the beach or the club just after ripping your Achilles. Despite this, the Warriors’ guard has found other ways to pass the time.

Klay has been playing a lot of dominoes, as he revealed in a recent Instagram Live. However, that pastime isn’t all fun and games. It seems to be fraught with financial dangers.

“This year, Draymond was all I was playing with. Thompson stated in a Streamable video of his Instagram Live, “He stole so much damn money from me, I’m sick of that guy, man.” “I’m never going to play dominoes with Draymond again.” He is a liar. He always has a hidden big five under his sleeve. It’s insane. Look for me on the skeletons. In dominoes, I haven’t won against Draymond in years. That’s a lie; I really won a series in San Antonio. But it’s just been one victory.” 

While it’s unclear how much money the guard has wasted while playing dominoes, his chess skill has improved.

“I learnt from the world champion himself, the GOAT, about my man Magnus. Klay continued, “Magnus Carlsen.” “Look at me. That’s the game I’m playing.”

Klay Thompson isn’t the only player to express displeasure about facing Draymond Green.

“I believe he’s peaked with annoyingness,” Steven Adams says of Draymond Green’s behavior this season.

May 20, 2016 Royce Young (@royceyoung)

Green’s game has clearly irritated Thompson, whether he is cheating or just has a flair for dominoes. The Warriors guard, on the other hand, isn’t the first to criticize the forward.

Green has earned a reputation in the NBA as a defender you don’t want to play against, for better or worse. Aside from his athletic abilities, the Warriors’ goalie has a penchant for trash-talking and isn’t afraid to test the boundaries, accumulating bans and penalties. During the 2016 Western Conference Finals, Steven Adams, who notoriously took a boot from Draymond Green, stated that Draymond “peaked with annoyingness” (H/T For The Win), giving you a sense of how opponents perceive the forward.

Green, for one, simply said, “I just be myself.” That’s OK if it annoys you.”

Years later, the forward seems to be up to his old antics, albeit this time while playing dominoes. Klay Thompson’s $60 million net worth, thankfully, is large enough to take a few figurative punches.

Spotrac provided contract details.

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