There was a time when you could say anything you wanted in an interview and be taken seriously. That’s not the case any longer. To put it bluntly, no one wants to listen to you anymore. Once upon a time, people would rather watch you on TV than listen to you talk. That’s no longer the case.

James Wilson had another strong performance in the week 3 game against the New York Giants, tying the game at 27-27 with a five-yard touchdown run with 54 seconds remaining. In his last six games, Wilson has rushed for an NFL-record 594 yards, averaging more than six yards per carry.

In the world of sports, there is nothing better than a good rivalry to stimulate the competitive spirit. Although the two men eventually buried the hatchet and formed a fairly close bond, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson have clashed from time to time over the years.

Larry Legend, for all his ways, knows a lot about thrash and had no problem stealing his famous rival. At one point, Byrd even approached an injured Magic before a game and promised the Lakers star that he would see a great performance from his place on the bench.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson met in college and then played in the NBA


Sometimes it only takes one event to spark a rivalry. This is exactly what happened to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

In 1979, the two stars met in the NCAA championship game. Although the competition was a classic, only one person could leave the floor as the winner. It turned out to be magic, as his Michigan State Spartans defeated the Indiana State Birds Sycamores. According to, Larry Legend was devastated and said it was impossible to recover from the loss.

Even after he left the NCAA ranks and moved to Boston, Byrd could not hide from his college rival. Johnson, of course, joined the Los Angeles Lakers, and the two played for the NBA championship. While both men dominated their conferences, the other waited on the other side of the country like an inevitable measuring stick and obstacle. If one of them wanted to win a championship – and between them they won five titles – they usually had to beat their rival on the way to the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Lakers’ injured star shows promise

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson shake hands before an NBA game in 1993. | Tom Herde/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

With any rivalry, there’s probably some dirty talk backstage. Given Byrd’s verbal wariness, it’s not surprising that he had at least one altercation with Magic.

In 2012, Byrd and Johnson interviewed Rick Reilly for ESPN. During this conversation the two men complimented each other profusely and in an anecdote Magic told of Larry Ledgend’s promise of an evening of quality entertainment.

Larry was just very smart, Magic explained. He attacked you from all sides. And with Larry, you had to defend him from 5 and 10 feet away [from the three-point line]. Five yards over the line was nothing to Larry. It hurt once. I sat on the bench. Larry comes in during the warm-up and says: Don’t worry, Erwin. I’ll do a show for you.

While it’s impossible to know exactly when Byrd made the comment to check the box score, Johnson says the Celtics star kept his promise.

I think he scored 40 points that night and I think he only missed two shots, Magic concluded. He started to leave, his blond hair wavy, and you knew you were in for a long, long night.

Despite all their feuds, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird buried the hatchet and became friends


Given their frequent battles for NBA supremacy and the fact that there were at least a few pokes in the conversation, you’d think Bird and Magic hated each other. Although the two men did not always see eye to eye, they eventually put their differences aside and became friends.

As Johnson explained on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he and Byrd filmed a Converse commercial in Fench Lick, Indiana in 1985. While the Lakers defenseman thought he was alone at lunch – in theory, Larry Legend could go home and rest – he ended up getting an unlikely invitation.

We filmed for about three hours, and finally they said it was lunch time. I think I’ll go to my trailer for lunch and he’ll go to his house, Johnson said. He turned to me and said: Assistant, my mother used to make food for us at home. And when he brought his mother into the picture, you know I can’t say no.

Johnson not only enjoyed a home-cooked meal, but also learned that Bird’s mother considered him her favorite player. That broke the ice, and Magic and Larry Legend have been friends ever since.

As the cliché goes, time heals all wounds. But if we can judge from their 2012 interview, Johnson hasn’t forgotten that Bird gave him the creeps.

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