A new era of football is upon us with the salary cap impacting the NFL. With the NFL Draft being the first to implement the new rules, we have begun to see the fruits of the new system. One player that was brought in through free agency, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and return specialist Darren Sproles, is a prime example of the positive influence the new system has on the sport.

On August 25, 2009, ESPN The Magazine published a story titled “Marc Rzepczynski: I Was Too Good to Be True”. The article detailed the life of Marc Rzepczynski, a pitcher who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves between 1997 and 2011. The article’s first paragraph states: “In 1996, Rzepczynski broke his left thumb in spring training. He missed the entire season. In the offseason, he did what he always did in such situations: He worked out, strengthening the thumb and keeping his arm in shape. He was then called up to the Pirates. He was the center piece of their pitching staff, a power pitcher who could dominate a lineup one inning and then shut the other

On an otherwise happy day, a new NBA player got sent down to the Dleague by his team after being on a minutes restriction. This is a common story, and not just in the NBA, but for any athlete who receive a punishment from their team for something they may or may not have done. However, the player in the Dleague had a different problem. According to the player, he was not on a minutes restriction. He was just too good to be true.

Terry Bradshaw is an American football player.’s four Super Bowl rings, which he won with the Pittsburgh Steelers, should have been enough to quiet the naysayers. Things are never simple for the Pro Football Hall of Famer, unfortunately.

Throughout his famous playing career, Bradshaw’s southern accent and “good old boy” demeanor made him an easy target for criticism. When he was nearing the conclusion of his career, the great quarterback made it plain that he’d had enough.

Throughout his career, Terry Bradshaw has heard all of the jokes about his intellect.

Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw in 1977.

Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw in 1977. Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers termed it “ludicrous” because people dubbed him stupid throughout his playing career | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Terry Bradshaw does not need to be a genius to become one of the best quarterbacks in league history. Why should anybody else have an issue with it if he doesn’t?

Bradshaw, on the other hand, spent the most of his career perplexed as to why his detractors, particularly in the media, went to such pains to denigrate his intellect. The great quarterback reflected on his status as the “dumbest quarterback in the NFL” in a 1980 interview with Playboy.

“I was big, strong, and fast, with blond hair, and I stood for Mom and apple pie, and God bless America, and I love God, and I tote my Bible, and I pray, and I love Momma and Daddy, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and I love God, and It seemed like I was too wonderful to be true. I’m sure that turned off a lot of folks. So they snatched me up the first chance they had. The worst they could say was, ‘Clearly, the man isn’t very bright.’

Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw, who also termed the comments “sad” and “ludicrous,” acknowledged that some of the criticisms came after he made errors while “still learning the game.” However, he believed there was a significant distinction between a rookie player making a poor read and someone with a low IQ.

“Man, you’re not stupid if you can write your name,” Bradshaw remarked.

Bradshaw has always been smarter than he is given credit for.

“I can’t fathom playing in the NFL today without any spectators… Because a lot of players feed off of the audience, it will have an impact on how they play.” pic.twitter.com/bi4sOVvTzO — Terry Bradshaw

— NFL on FOX Sports 7 September 2020 (@NFLonFOX)

Bradshaw does not need to be Ryan Fitzpatrick. Whether or whether they attended Harvard, everyone is intelligent in their own way.

Still, keep in mind that Bradshaw won four Super Bowl rings and led the Steelers to one of the first dynasties in the modern NFL. If a player can be as successful as Bradshaw was throughout his career, it speaks something about his football intelligence.

Consider everything Bradshaw does on Fox each week throughout the NFL season if you’re too young to remember him playing for the Steelers. He can simply and logically evaluate what teams or players are doing in a manner that the ordinary fan at home can understand.

This argument is comparable to when the average Joe or Jane critiques a strikeout-prone athlete like Giancarlo Stanton of the New York Yankees. After a three-pitch strikeout with the bases loaded, that fan, whether at home or at a bar, believes they could do better at the plate than Stanton.

Those same spectators, on the other hand, would struggle to make contact with a 60 mph fastball. Pitchers who throw in the upper 90s frequently face the 2017 NL MVP. So, if those armchair critics would certainly fail against those great relievers, how would they do as a quarterback in the National Football League? Bradshaw is the clear winner in the argument.

Bradshaw is still the brunt of his Fox Sports colleagues’ jokes.

Bradshaw, to his credit, embraced his role as the punchline to his detractors’ jokes. None of the jokes prevented him from enjoying the Super Bowl rings and a bronze bust in Canton, Ohio, and having the final laugh.

Bradshaw’s Fox NFL Sunday colleagues have poked fun at his intellect and age in recent years. The difference now is that his coworkers on set are kidding. 

If Michael Strahan refers to Terry Bradshaw as “old,” the former quarterback may retaliate by making a joke about the Hall of Fame defensive end’s teeth, and everyone will laugh. That connection has been on set for years, and it has only aided the show’s long-term success.

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Terry Bradshaw checked into a hospital using Tom Brady’s name when he was five years old.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when someone says its too good to be true?

It means that it is not true, and someone is trying to trick you.

Is there such thing as too good to be true?

Yes, there is such thing as too good to be true.

What is the opposite of too good to be true?

Too bad to be true.

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