So far, Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles offense have been a disappointment. Despite having one of the best quarterbacks in football on his side, Wentz has thrown for only 886 yards this season and is just 12th among qualifying quarterbacks in passing yards per game.
But what if Carson was more capable than we think? What if he’s actually playing well enough to win games but not getting much help from an unimaginative quarterback-friendly scheme that relies too heavily on screen passes over high risk deep throws downfield? Maybe it’s time for GM Doug Pederson to reconsider how he directs things as Philly heads into their Week 5 bye with four losses already under their belts.

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'I Think Carson Is Capable of [Delivering]'

Following the Indianapolis Colts’ humiliating season-ending loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the general perception in Indianapolis is that quarterback Carson Wentz bears all responsibility.

During the dreadful Week 18 loss, he only threw for 185 yards and fumbled the ball over twice. His failure to complete the task against the NFL’s poorest club denied the Colts a postseason berth. During his farewell news conference, general manager Chris Ballard hinted at replacing Wentz with someone else.

Bill Polian, the former general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, still believes in Carson Wentz.

Colts QB Carson Wentz.

Colts QB Carson Wentz. Getty Images/Justin Casterline/Carson Wentz

In the middle of all the Wentz vitriol, Bill Polian, the former general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, took a time to share a different point of view. Despite the disappointing fall, he is optimistic that Wentz can lead Indianapolis back to the playoffs.

Polian described his play as “up and down.” “There were fantastic moments, such as in the Arizona game, when he made a beautiful throw, and there were horrible times, such as in the Tennessee and Jacksonville games.” It might be described as inconsistency. You must have consistent quarterbacking if you want to win a championship. The bottom line is this: That’s all there is to it. You witnessed the benefits of Phillip Rivers’ steady quarterbacking.”

“Do I believe Carson is up to the task?” Yes, I agree. When he’s having a good day, he shows you what he’s capable of. It implies he can do it, but he has to go back to work on becoming a reliable quarterback. Things are going to come out well if he can achieve that.”

Is it possible that the Colts are putting too much responsibility on Carson Wentz?

Polian, who chose Peyton Manning, knows a thing or two about quarterback performance, and he makes some compelling arguments about Wentz. During his first season with the Colts, he showed glimpses of brilliance.

Wentz’s 402-yard effort against the Baltimore Ravens and game-winning toss against the Arizona Cardinals on Christmas Day stand out as two examples of him demonstrating he can compete with the best. When Wentz is at his best, few quarterbacks are capable of making the kind of passes he can.

With that considered, Wentz’s high level of inconsistency is undeniably a problem. He has a habit of missing simple throws.

However, it’s crucial to note that Wentz cannot be held responsible for everything that went wrong down the stretch. The Colts had a poor wide receiver group in 2021, with the exception of Michael Pittman Jr. During the Colts’ Week 18 defeat in Jacksonville, the defense allowed 26 points.

Chris Ballard’s roster was just as big of an issue as Wentz’s this season, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not.

Indy needs to take it easy and consider the larger picture.

If Ballard can put together a deal for Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, he should go for it. However, if no apparent upgrade at quarterback is available this summer, he shouldn’t hurry to fire Wentz.

Wentz was ranked 10th among quarterbacks in 2021. That’s more difficult to replace than Ballard may believe.

The Colts’ wide receiver room needs to be bolstered. If they do that and Wentz continues to struggle, they may discuss selling him for scraps. Meanwhile, Bill Polian has a valid argument. Given the necessary time to acclimate, Wentz has a decent chance of leading the team to the playoffs in 2022.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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