When the NFL season starts, football fans are excited to see their favorite players back on the field. For some players, they get nervous right before training camp begins.

Training camp is a time when players are coming back from injury, and there’s a lot of pressure to perform well. For example, in the NBA, I Get Nervous Right Before Training Camp Starts – LeBron James

Curry, Stephen is about to begin his 13th NBA season. The Golden State Warriors standout has won three championships, two MVP honors, and two scoring crowns in the past 12 seasons. He’s also on his way to become the best three-point shooter in NBA history.

Curry just explained how he controls his two most powerful emotions. One of the things that makes him exceptional is his confidence and killer instinct. The other is insecurity, which you wouldn’t expect to see in a potential Hall of Famer.

Stephen Curry has a killer instinct when he plays.

On the “Hoops, Adjacent” podcast, Steph Curry discusses his anxieties, watching the Ryder Cup with Michael Jordan, adjusting to the new regulations this season, why he doesn’t get upset in public, and more. @TheAthleticNBA has more information: https://t.co/2JZQopXDx

October 7, 2021 — David Aldridge (@davidaldridgedc)

Curry, who is 33 years old, has had a fantastic career so far and will continue to do so in the future. Aside from the overall honors, Steph has a long list of game-winners and memorable events throughout his time with the Warriors.

Curry was questioned about those significant moments in an interview with The Athletic. What goes through his mind while he’s shimmying for a big three or dancing his way to the bench?

Curry said, “For one, I’ve always had a sort of quiet killer instinct.” “Kob [Kobe Bryant] gave an interview once that included one of my favorite types of remarks about me, in terms of how he saw, like, the killing instinct behind the grin.” I can have a good time and be happy, but I’m out to tear your heart out. It’s simply a new way of looking at it.”

Steph’s masked fury is the result of a lot of effort. However, his self-assurance is maintained as a result of the amount of effort he puts in on a daily basis.

“So there’s a belief, regardless of the circumstance, that I have the ability and skill set to win any game, any night,” he added. “That’s something that’s only possible because of the effort you put in. To sound clichéd, but it is exactly how I develop and keep my confidence year after year.”

Curry is also afflicted by insecurity.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry with his signature mouthpiece.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry with his signature mouthpiece. Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. | Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group via Getty Images

You’d never guess it by watching Curry play, especially because it appears like every shot he makes ends up in the net. Steph, on the other hand, said that although he has a subtle killer instinct, he also has a quiet insecurity (h/t: The Athletic).

“But the second element is that there’s also this subtle nervousness that you have to prove yourself all over again when you arrive to a training camp.” There’s a glimmer of truth in it. Just before training camp begins, I become anxious. Throughout your summer workouts, there’s this uneasiness that I have to be conscious about what I’m doing, what I’m focusing on, and what my mentals are like coming into a season. Because there’s no assurance that what I’ve done in the past will repeat itself.”

Stephen Curry

Curry’s uncertainty and confidence compel him to do a mental balancing act.

Curry said, “I have a delicate balance between the two feelings.” “And it’s always a game of back-and-forth.” Because I know that if I put my feet on the floor, I’ll have this confidence, but it’s earned through hard effort. But it doesn’t work if I’m not insecure about what the work implies for what I’m doing on the court. So that’s my way of thinking and a method of encapsulating all of the many feelings.”

Steph Curry has successfully managed these two emotions throughout his NBA career.

Curry’s whole career has been marked by these two opposing feelings. He’s compared them to an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, with different celebrities portraying both.

“Kevin Hart would be the insecure one – ‘Man, you ain’t nothing,’ he’d say. ‘Oh, dude, you’re not going to do nothing,’” says the narrator. Curry remarked. “I’ve been ragging on you the whole time.” On the other end, it’d definitely be Kobe’s voice, like that killer instinct, that you’re ready for pretty much any scenario if you know who you are.”

Curry has been able to carry a whole organization on his shoulders, because to Kobe Bryant and Kevin Hart. The Baby-Faced Assassin went from being a tiny kid from Davidson with a powerful jump jumper to leading a Golden State Warriors dynasty as a three-time champion. Curry’s jump shot may also go down in history later this year, as he needs 142 three-pointers to overtake Ray Allen for the all-time record. Steph made 337 three-pointers last season, leading the NBA for the sixth consecutive season.

Curry will undoubtedly smash a slew of jaw-dropping shots this season while smiling. And maybe he still has one or two more championship runs with the Warriors in him. But, whatever happens, expect him to retain his self-assurance and uneasiness.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

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