The NBA Finals have just ended, and the Golden State Warriors are now three-time champions. This is a good time to ask what the future of basketball holds.

No end in sight is a phrase that means there is no foreseeable end to the current situation. The phrase has been used in sports to describe the idea that there is no clear goal for either team, or that one team may have an advantage over the other.

Like millions of others around the globe, hockey great Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian hockey player. was emotionally involved in Tom Brady’s debut game versus Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

There are obvious distinctions between an ordinary football fan watching Sunday Night Football and perhaps the greatest hockey player in history. He probably has a more comfy sofa and a bigger TV.

Nonetheless, it seems that everyone agrees that what Brady is accomplishing at 44 is unrivaled. Gretzky, who hasn’t played in an NHL game since he was 60 years old, is all in.

Watching the build-up to Tom Brady’s first game versus Bill Belichick brought back memories for Wayne Gretzky.

Until the last minutes before kickoff, the build-up to Brady’s homecoming to Foxborough, Mass., bordered on ridiculous. With the exception of a halftime performance with edited lyrics and violent dance routines, NBC and the NFL as a whole presented a Week 4 showdown like a Super Bowl.

Gretzky had no intention of complaining about any of it. In a recent interview with NBC Sports’ Peter King, the four-time Stanley Cup winner spoke about seeing Brady prepare to play Belichick, his 20-year head coach and partner on six Super Bowl-winning teams.

Gretzky responded that he and former Edmonton Oilers coach Glenn Sather “weren’t best buddies when I played” and that Brady and Belichick “weren’t best friends when I played.”

“Great coaches, on the other hand, push us to be great. Bill seems to have done it with Tom from the outside. Glenn pushed me harder than any coach I’d ever had before in my life. He improved my life. Great instructors inspire us to strive for greater heights. I believe that’s what you’d want your coach to be for you after you’re finished.”

Wayne Gretzky

Following Tampa Bay’s 19-17 triumph, King claimed that Belichick and Brady spent around 15 minutes together in the Buccaneers’ locker room. After the game, the two had earlier shared a short embrace on the field.

Gretzky said, “Great coaches push us to be better.” “I believe that’s what you’d wish your coach was for you after you’re done.”

Brady is unlikely to retire anytime soon, according to Gretzky.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (L) and NHL legend Wayne Gretzky.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (L) and NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. At 44, Tom Brady is still going strong, and NHL great Wayne Gretzky is a fan | Harry How/Getty Images; Chris Condon/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

Brady is still going strong at 44 years old, which is bad news for the rest of the NFL. At the very least, it’s bad news if the three-time NFL MVP bounces back from a poor performance against the Patriots in Week 4.

Gretzky, on the other hand, belongs to the latter group. The hockey legend predicted that the Buccaneers’ brilliant quarterback will continue to annihilate defenses with ease.

Gretzky said, “I don’t see any end in sight.” “I’m not certain he’ll play for another year or two.”

In his first start of the 2022 season, Brady will become the NFL’s oldest starting quarterback, barring an injury.

Will Brady and Belichick ever face off against one another?

Gretzky may be correct in his prediction that Brady will play beyond the 2022 season. The seven-time champion has openly discussed the possibility of continuing to compete until he is 50 years old.

Brady has a contract with the Patriots that runs through the conclusion of the 2022 season. However, something tells us that when the 2023 season starts, he will be on an active NFL squad.

However, whether or not he will continue to play for the Buccaneers remains to be seen. Tampa Bay chose Florida quarterback Kyle Trask in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft, and he may ultimately replace Brady.

Unless there is a preseason or Super Bowl matchup, the Buccaneers are unlikely to face the Patriots until 2023 at the earliest. Brady might return to New England in a Denver Broncos jersey that year if he really wants to play for as long as he can. After all, desperate times call for desperate means.

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