This article will be about how to level up fast in Roblox Project Ghoul. The game is a 3D multiplayer online zombie survival shooter and has over 8 million players every month. No matter what your skill level, you should be able to get started playing within minutes of downloading the app on either Android or iOS device.

“Project Ghoul” is a game in which players try to survive against a horde of zombies. In order to level up fast, players must complete quests and use codes.

How to Level Up Fast in Roblox Project Ghoul

In Roblox Project Ghoul, there are a variety of methods to level up. You have the option of fighting in the PvP Arena or directly confronting the bosses, who are rather formidable. Completing NPC tasks, on the other hand, is the greatest method to level up.

This tutorial will show you how to level up quickly in Roblox Project Ghoul. The locations of these NPCs, as well as their prerequisites, will be revealed. In the end, you’ll have little trouble reaching the game’s maximum level.

How to Level Up Quickly in Roblox Project Ghoul


Low-ranking ghouls, Anteiku

All new players should begin their journey at Anteiku by accepting Mark’s mission to slay seven low-ranking Ghouls.

Even though you’ll be fighting with low-level adversaries, it’ll be difficult since you’ll start at Level 1. For quick killings, just use the lowest level ghouls.

By the conclusion of the task, if you fight all seven ghouls, you should be at Level 40. It is suggested that you invest all of your points into Strength and Health at this time.

Medium Ranked Ghouls (Byrger Shot)

Speak with Elisabeth at the Byrger Shot in the northern part of the map. This mission requires you to kill seven ghouls, but since you’ve leveled up, these ghouls will be of a higher level as well.

When you reach Level 50, you’ll be able to use your character’s second attack skill, which should help you destroy the remaining ghouls.

Depending on your performance, you may be able to attain Level 80+ by the conclusion of this mission.

Strong Ranked Ghouls are working on the construction site.

The Construction Site, situated in the northwest corner of the map, is your next stop. Speak with Joe, an NPC that stands directly on the site’s corner, to get a mission to battle seven high-ranking ghouls.

You may combat ghouls by luring them into vacant buildings one by one. This will be much less difficult than attempting to defeat them all at once.

After you’ve completed this, your character should be Level 180, which is the minimum level required to accept the following task.

Aogiri Parking Garage (1st Floor): Aogiri Parking Garage (1st Floor): Aogiri Parking Garage (1st Floor): A

Speak with Pink as soon as you approach the parking lot, and she’ll ask you to deal with the phony members of her staff. These seven aogiri are essentially higher-leveled ghouls.

If you attempt to defeat them in a fair combat, you’ll find it exceedingly tough. Attract them behind the barriers and attack them from the other direction. Your hits will clip through the walls, but be cautious not to get struck by their own strikes that are also clipping through.

Aogiri Parking Garage (2nd Floor): Aogiri Parking Garage (2nd Floor): Aogiri Parking Garage (2nd Floor): Ao

When you go to the second level of the parking lot, Jake will urge you to beat up on six members of the phony crew. To begin the second-floor quest, you must be at least Level 300.

You may utilize the same strategy as previously, which is to strike aogiri through the barriers. You’ll also have unlocked your third fighting skill at this time, which might come in handy.

High-Rated Aogiri Parking Garage (3rd Floor)

Champ’s final stage quest requires you to beat five high-level aogiri, hence you must be at least Level 400 to begin this quest.

You may employ the same method as before, collecting all the ghouls behind the wall and striking them all at once through it. After you’ve completed this, you should be at Level 500 and ready to go on to the next step.

White Suits Sewers

To get to the first of the two subterranean sewage facilities, perform the following:

  1. Enter the manhole in the vicinity of the Parking Garage.
  2. Follow this route: right -> right -> left -> right -> left -> right
  3. To get to the exit, go down the tunnel.
  4. Speak with the Hunter NPC.

You’ll face the White Suits in the following chamber, and you’ll have to be cautious since most of them are at least Level 500. You will be able to attain Level 700 if you defeat all of them.

V’s Cleaners is a company that cleans sewers.

Return to the tunnel exit and go in the opposite direction as the Gold NPC. On the other hand, you’ll talk with a Special Class Investigator who will task you with dealing with the most dangerous enemies, such as V’s Cleaners.

You will attain Level 850, which is the current maximum level in Roblox Project Ghoul, by beating all of the highest-ranked ghouls.

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Project Ghoul is a game that has been around for a while. It’s not hard to get started, but it can be difficult to level up fast. In this tutorial, I will show you how to level up fast in Project Ghoul. Reference: project ghoul twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Kakuja?

A: You must beat the game with a platinum rating to unlock it.

How do you level up fast in Tokyo ghoul?

A: You can level up by cooking, but you start off with a low amount of money and so its not worth buying the ingredients for your favorite dishes.

What is RO ghoul?

A: RO ghoul is a rare affliction which makes your skin itch and crawl. Like any other condition, there are multiple causes of the illness ranging from infection to allergies.

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