The game of stone is a popular sport in Tales of Arise. It’s played on the grassy plains with large stones. Players throw these stones at each other and try to knock their opponents off their feet.

The tales of arise mysterious fragment location is a quest that appears in the game Tales of Arise. This quest can be completed by finding Stone Fragments hidden throughout the world.

Stone Fragments are an uncommon upgrade resource utilized early on in Tales of Arise to improve Shionne’s weapon in Calaglia. They’re a little difficult to come by, but they’re well worth the effort.

You’ll be facing your most tough task yet not long after the opportunity to upgrade weaponry unlocks. Here’s where you’ll find it. Arise Stone Fragments Tales

Golems spit forth Stone Fragments. On the way from the Crimson Crows’ hideaway to Ulzebek, there is one golem, but there are many more in the Iglia Wastes. Shionne discovers her new clothing in this region between Ulzebek and Fagan Castle.

Level 9 Golem beastiary entry showing the golem and its stats.

Golems are sluggish, but if their strikes connect, they may be devastating. Fortunately, they also clearly signal their assaults. When they start to wind up and swing their arms, get out of the path so they don’t send you flying. Delivering with them is best done as Alphen, since he has a greater chance of dealing more damage to the Golem weak point.

On the golem’s back, there’s the massive, glaring orange core that screams “weak point.” Once you’ve broken it, you’ll have a far better chance of obtaining additional and rarer things once the battle is finished.

It may take a few rounds with Golems to acquire what you desire, but once you do, return to Ulzebek’s Inn and improve Shionne’s weapon.

Getting a new gun isn’t very essential right now. Shionne will be the healer for the next boss battle with Balseph, and her Boost Strike will be more essential for halting his strong strikes than for delivering damage. If you don’t have a lot of Gald, save it for Alphen’s upgrade after you’ve found Astral Crystal Grain.

That’s all there is to know about Tales of Arise Stone Fragments, but for additional information, see our other Tales of Arise tutorials.

The tales of arise ultimate ingredient is a stone that can be found in the game, Tales of Arise. It is used to craft the weapon, Stone Fragments.

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