Last week I wrote about running to pick up a bounty in GTA Online. Although I’m not a newbie to the game, I had never done a sprint race, and I was completely confused by how to do it. Luckily, I was able to get help over at the GTA Series subreddit and I’m here to tell you all how to do a sprint race.

The latest update to Grand Theft Auto Online brought with it a big new feature: sprint races. Sprint races are a great addition to the game, helping new players learn the basics of driving and helping high level players improve their driving capabilities. Sprint race are short races that start and end in the middle of a map. You can pick a car, pick a map, and then set a time limit to run. By setting a time limit, you can get a feel for how your driving skills are coming along in comparison to the rest of the world. Some people love sprint races, some hate them. Some like running them solo, while others prefer taking a friend with them. While the sprint races are fun, I’m one of the people who finds

Sprint races are a popular new feature in GTA Online and are a great way to race against friends and rivals, but how exactly do you execute a sprint…without crashing? This is something I get asked constantly and it’s not an easy answer. In this video I’ll show you the basics of sprinting in GTA 5 Online.

GTA 5 Online Sprint Races are a new kind of racing that was introduced in late July as part of the Los Santos Tuners content update. A sprint race is not the same as a regular race.

For starters, it takes place in a live-action Los Santos. On your journey to the end, you’ll have to maneuver through traffic and people. It also lacks the checkpoints seen in a typical GTA race. All you have to do now is get to the finish as quickly as possible, using whatever path you choose.


How to Begin a Sprint Race

It’s simple enough to set up sprint races in GTA Online. First, get a personal car from your garage. Select a car that is quick and easy to handle.

Drive out to the Los Santos Car Meet at the Pißwasser warehouse in La Mesa, which is across the street from the Pißwasser plant in Los Santos’ southeast. As you approach the complex, you’ll hear the sound of revving motors.


Select “Sprint” from the interaction menu after you’ve entered the building. The lobby for the sprint race will be created as a result of this. A 30-second countdown timer will display after one person has joined. Anyone who enters during those 30 seconds will be included in the race — up to four participants total — but if no one joins, you and one other person will be the only ones left.

You will be transported to the starting location at the tractor parts warehouse, north of the Los Santos Car Meet, if the lobby is full or the countdown reaches zero.

In GTA Online, how can you win a sprint race?

The finish location is chosen at random, but it will show up on your GPS. You may follow your GPS if you like, but if you believe you know a shortcut, such as a stunt leap that will allow you to cut over huge sections of the map, you are free to deviate. 

In these races, contact is usually allowed. You may crash with other racers and cars in traffic, but you will not be touched by other users on the server who are not in the race.

The lengths of the races vary depending on which of the seven sites is chosen, ranging from 1.46 to 3.9 miles. The rewards are determined by your finish position as well as the number of participants. Every participant, including the last place finisher, will get RP:

  • Two players: the first receives 40 points, while the second receives 32.
  • Three players: the first receives 50 points, the second receives 40 points, and the third receives 30 points.
  • First place receives 60 points, second place receives 48 points, third place receives 36 points, and fourth place receives 30 points.

Sprint races are an excellent way to get RP, understand the map, and develop your street racing skills. With all you’ve learned thus far, you should be ready to take them on in GTA Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you race fast in GTA 5 Online?

The easiest way to race fast in GTA 5 Online is by using a car with nitrous oxide.

How do you do solo races in GTA Online?

You can only do solo races in GTA Online if you are the host of a private lobby.

How do you do parkour races in GTA Online?

In order to do parkour races in GTA Online, you need to set up a private lobby with friends.

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