The Green Hell fishing rod has been a staple in many angler’s tackle boxes for decades. The unique design is made up of a rod and reel combo that allows you to cast from the shore, without the need to bring along a boat.

If you ask most anglers what their favorite rod is, they would likely say a spinning rod. So, if you are serious about fishing, you need to invest in a spinning rod. However, if you would like to fish in a different way, then you should consider switching to a fly rod.

The Green Hell Fishing Rod is a made to order rod that is hand-built from a 6061 billet aluminum blank. The blank is cut, shaped, epoxied and hand-riveted into final form by myself here in the shop. The blank is then machined, and finished in a “green” anodized coating. After completing the rod, it is then packed into a water-tight, custom-designed box, and shipped in a heavy duty, waterproof box to you. All orders are custom made, and take about 6-8 weeks to complete from the time of placement.

Crafting is the key in the game Green Hell. As you progress through the Amazon, you will build traps, shelters, campfires, beds, weapons and tools – everything you need to survive in this dangerous jungle. While many of the items you’ll encounter are essential for many craft recipes, the Green Hell Brazil nut is needed for a single but important tool: a fishing rod. In this guide you will learn how to assemble a Green Hell rod and how to find the sometimes hard to find Brazilian nut.

How to make a fishing rod from green hell

Although you hunt other animals and kill them with stones, bows, bone knives and spears, sometimes a little more elegance is needed to catch your prey. For example, in most rivers, especially downstream of waterfalls, fish are easy to catch and with a weak spear you can catch most fish without difficulty. word-image-4451 However, if you are looking for something more relaxed, a fishing rod is a better option. Making a fishing rod is a relatively simple task, and you will need the following materials:

  • 1x long stick or bamboo stick
  • 1x rope
  • 2x bird feathers
  • 1x bowl with brazil nuts

It’s not hard to find most of the ingredients. Long sticks can be found by cutting down trees. Ropes can be hung from the sides of thick trees (called lianas). Feathers can be found in birds’ nests or by collecting the carcasses of dead parrots, which are often scattered across the map.

How to find green Brazil nuts

But most importantly, you need Brazil nuts. Green hell Brazil nuts are found at the base of large trees, if you pick them up, you get a shell. word-image-4452

Manufacture of a bar hook

Once you have gathered your materials and assembled your staff, you will need a hook. They are incredibly easy to put together and require either a bone pen , or a herringbone. If you collect a fish, you get a fishbone, and if you collect a bone, you get a bone pin. Bones are easily found in the carcasses of dead animals. Place one of them in the crafting menu and you’ll be prompted to check it off. Once you have a hook, equip it with arod. Then open the backpack and pull the hook to the rod to join them. word-image-4453

How to get bait for the rod

Now that you have a fully assembled rod, the last element needed is the lure. Small insects and fungi may be used as bait. However, if you find a bone in an animal carcass, it will also contain larvae that work just as well. How to combine the rod and hook, open the backpack/inventory and pull the bait on the rod. So much for a Green Hell stick. Now that you know how to get all the materials you need, including the Brazil nut, you can relax by the water and let time pass in air. If you want to fish while you multitask, consider building a fish trap. We have instructions for that as well.We all want to catch a big one, but we don’t want to spend much time trying. What do I mean by “craft” here? I mean you can spend all the time you want researching techniques that work, and then you can use that information to buy the best fishing rod you can afford. What I’m suggesting is that if you’re new to fishing, then you should buy a cheap rod and a bunch of cheap tackle. Once you’ve got a good idea of where your overall skill level is, get more expensive, better equipment.. Read more about green hell fishing trap and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fish in green hell?

If you are looking to try your hand at fishing in a brand new environment, you definitely have to find the right equipment to do the job. But, what rod should you use? Is it the new aluminum graphite rod, or maybe the carbon fiber combo? It’s a good thing that at TheSportsVision we are here to help you with the right fish rod choice. Tons of people love fishing, especially in the summer time. But, like many things in life fishing can be easier said than done. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. You need to know what to do and what not to do. This is the tl;dr of a post I did in response to a question on what to do about a pike in my fishing line. I’m also going to give you the most important tools and tips. But first, let’s talk about green hell.

What can you do with a fish hook in Green Hell?

If you’ve never been fishing in Green Hell, you’ve missed something special. The green hell can be a harsh place for beginners, but there’s also a lot of fun to be had. Although the fishing here is not great, it can be encouraging and fun. The Green Hell Fishing Rod is a unique product that started from the imagination of the Green Hell staff. A unique rod, with a unique purpose. Years ago, a fishing enthusiast friend of mine ran off all his fishing gear due to a dispute with the landlord over an issue of rent. At the time, I felt bad for him and decided I would do something about this unfortunate situation.

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