The Rockets are in a tough spot. They have the NBA’s best player, James Harden, but they’re struggling to win games because of their lack of depth. What do they need to do to get back into contention?

The john wall news is a question that has been asked by many people. It is not clear how many assets the Houston Rockets will need to waste in order to solve their John Wall problem.

The Houston Rockets’ last guard, John Wall, is partnered with James Harden in a futile effort to win an NBA title. Over the past four seasons, Wall has missed 195 games and appeared in just 113. Harden has joined the Brooklyn Nets as a free agent. There are now rumors that Wall and the Rockets have reached a deal to split.

There are two major issues that the Rockets must address. The most apparent is that Wall is no longer the All-NBA, All-Defensive player he was with the Washington Wizards for the better part of a decade. The second reason is because Wall’s contract assumes that he is. According to reports, Wall will not return to Houston. The Harden deal netted the Rockets a slew of draft picks. But how much of that money will Rafael Stone, the general manager, have to give up in order to move Wall?

John Wall was the most recent in a long series of unsuccessful Harden-Houston Rockets collaborations.

When the Houston Rockets signed Harden in 2012, they had recently spent $25.1 million on signing Jeremy Lin, who was a phenomenon at the time. With Lin as a starter, that combination lasted one season. Patrick Beverley was appointed to the position for the following four years.

Following that came future Hall of Famers Chris Paul (two years) and Russell Westbrook (one uncomfortable, injury-plagued season). Wall brought Westbrook to Houston with a lottery-protected first-round selection in 2023.

Last season, Wall wasn’t exactly a stud in Houston. In a career-low 32.2 minutes per game, he averaged 20.6 points and 6.9 assists. He did, however, miss 32 games and shot a career-low 40.4 percent. He’s never been more than an average deep shooter at his best.

The Rockets are dedicated to rebuilding, and a 31-year-old point guard with a high mileage doesn’t fit into that plan. Even with incentives, convincing a club to accept Wall’s deal is a tall order.

Wall has $91.7 million remaining on his maximum contract.

John Wall and the Houston Rockets have mutually agreed to part, but the Rockets will have to pay a price to move the former All-Star

John Wall and the Houston Rockets have mutually agreed to part, but the Rockets will have to pay a price to move the former All-Star The Houston Rockets and John Wall have amicably decided to split ways, but they will have to pay a price to get rid of the former All-Star. | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

John Wall snatched the trophy in a major manner in July 2017. With the Wizards, he inked a four-year, $170 million contract deal that began in 2019.

In return for the first $38.2 million of that historic deal, Washington received (checks notes) 0 minutes from Wall. Walking around your home while recuperating from heel surgery and tearing an Achilles’ tendon is a terrible break, but that was Wall’s fate.

Wall is due $44.3 million this season and has a player option for $47.4 million in 2022-23.

The Houston Rockets are essentially searching for a trade partner that will (a) accept Wall’s $91.7 million contract and (b) not demand every draft selection the Rockets own.

Houston has a huge selection of choices. The Nets and the lottery-protected Miami Heat selection are their two best selections for next season (the leftover choice goes to Miami).

They have a possible trade with Brooklyn in 2023, as well as a pick from the Milwaukee Bucks. They receive the Nets’ 2024 selection, but if it’s below the top four, they owe it to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In 2025, the scenario will be the same. According to RealGM, they will make some selections in 2024, but the protections and permutations are complex.

A John Wall deal won’t happen without draft choices.

The Houston Rockets feel they lost the Harden deal in the court of public opinion, despite the return. When the Rockets traded John Wall, one Rockets official told SiriusXM NBA presenter Mitch Lawrence, “We have to win this deal.”

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, John Wall and the Rockets have decided that separating is the best approach.

Houston has made it clear that it intends to create a community around Christian Wood. Kevin Porter Jr. and Jae’Sean Tate are two young players on the team. Jalen Green, Alperen Engün, Josh Christopher, and Usman Garuba are among the first-round selections.

Financial gymnastics are required to make Wall’s $44.3 million work in a transaction. To sign Wall, a tax-paying club must return at least $35.9 million to the Rockets. There are 11 clubs that are hard-capped (i.e., they can’t exceed the $143 million luxury tax apron). Those clubs utilized their bi-annual exception, signed and traded a player, or exceeded the taxpayer share of the mid-level exception.

This season, ten clubs are projected to be taxpayers. As a result, 21 of the remaining 29 clubs have cap constraints that might stymie a John Wall trade. If the Houston Rockets think they can trade him without giving up a significant portion of their draft choices, maybe someone can persuade them to invest in some beachfront property in North Dakota.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provided contract details.

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