Horizon: Forbidden West is a survival game where players must survive on their own, by crafting weapons and cooking food. The player can craft items with the resources they find in-game to make more advanced tools that are needed for building structures or making other useful things like arrows. Another way of exploring the map is by fast traveling, which allows them to pass through areas faster but at a cost of some hunger – unless you carry enough travel packs! Players need these supplies to move around quickly so it’s worth keeping an eye out for them as well when scavenging new locations.,

The “horizon forbidden west golden fast travel pack” is a mod for Horizon: Forbidden West. With the mod, players can fast travel with campfires and travel packs.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Fast Travel with Campfires & Travel Packs

Fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West differs from that in the original game. You can still utilize packs that you’ve bought, discovered, or manufactured, but you can also zip about for free if you don’t have a golden ticket.

You may now move quickly between found campfires for free, while packs enable you to get between campfires from any location on the world. This is how it goes.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Travel Quickly


You can only fast travel to campfires in Horizon Forbidden West, although there are many of them distributed over the planet. One may be found in every village. They appear in close proximity to sites of interest. And, to be honest, they’re all over the map: by the side of the road, in the woods, on mesas.

In summary, whether you need to return to past locations to update weapons and outfits at a workshop or farm machines for crafting ingredients, you’ll never be without an anchor.

The difference is in how you move about. Aloy may quickly travel from any campfire she’s been to any campfire she hasn’t yet visited at no cost. All you have to do is approach the fire, hit “Circle,” and choose a campfire from the global map to visit.

Some campfires, or at least the ones in Shelters, have stools nearby where you may spend the time. Although the option isn’t available until a few hours into the HFW, you may sit down and select to continue in the morning, afternoon, or night.

Although both acts are free, you can only travel for free from a campfire. It will cost you money if you are in the wilderness and need to go back to a town quickly.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Get Fast Travel Packs


Fast Travel Packs may be made or bought, and they’re only good for one usage. These can be purchased from most merchants in the wild and in towns for 25 metal shards. Metal shards are plentiful, but you may put them to much greater use than purchasing Fast Travel Packs; you’ll need a lot if you wish to properly upgrade various armor sets and weapons.

The option is to make them yourself. 3 Wild Meat and 10 Ridge Wood are required to make a Fast Travel Pack, both of which are plentiful in most places. Ridge Wood – which you use to make your arrows – is virtually everywhere; it looks like little, dead trees with no leaves. Wild Meat comes from boars in particular, and Ridge Wood – which you use to construct your arrows – is almost everywhere. At any one moment, you can carry up to 50 Fast Travel Packs.

Fast Go Packs allow you to travel to any campfire you’ve visited previously from anywhere on the map (except while you’re falling or in particular plot sequences). Simply launch the map, hover over a campfire, and hit R2 to start the game. You will be asked whether you wish to utilize a Fast Travel Pack, and you will have the option to confirm or alter your mind.

That’s all there is to know about quick travel in Horizon Forbidden West; however, for more information, see our other Horizon Forbidden West tutorials.

The “horizon ps5” is a new feature in the Horizon: Forbidden West game that allows players to fast travel with campfires and Travel Packs. The feature is very useful for those who spend a lot of time traveling around the map.

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