There are many high paying career in GTA 5 online, but the best is no doubt the Former NFL player as a top professional sports jobs. We can say that if you need to be a professional sports player and want get as a top paying job while you play the game, you can do it. Many people try to get a pro football player job in the game, but it is very hard to get this job. You may need to play hard to get the job.

According to several GTA 5 Online Online Jobs Guide on the internet, the highest paying jobs in GTA 5 Online Online 2021 is as follows: 1. Hairdresser 2. Barber 3. Security Guard 4. Bartender 5. Personal Assistant 6. Yoga Instructor 7. Personal Trainer 8. Janitorial 9. Funeral Attendant 10. Faith Healer 11. Chef 12. Personal Shopper

As recently as a few years ago, the highest earners in GTA Online were usually content creators. The reason being is that a lot of the GTA Online career jobs have requirements such as leveling up and having specific vehicles. One of the jobs that has you leveling up is the Dockworker.



In GTA Online, players have access to a large variety of lucrative professions, but not all of them pay equally well. After all, time is money. This article will provide you a list of the highest-paying professions in Grand Theft Auto Online for the year 2021.

We’ll go through the names of the contractors, the work locations, and the pay per minute in this guide. Only until you reach level 50 do the best paid tasks become available, so get started if you haven’t already. The majority of these tasks may be completed in a matter of minutes, but the rewards are substantial.

GTA 5 Online’s Highest-Paying Jobs in 2021


  • $3,400 per minute in earnings
  • At level 50, you’ll be able to unlock it.

One of Martin Madrazo’s first occupations is also one of his longest, though it pays more than most other jobs in the game. Fort Zancudo is the location of the mission.

To profit from an extradition job, follow these steps:

  1. Infiltrate Fort Zancudo.
  2. Assassinate the informant
  3. Return to Madrazo with your findings.
  4. Assassinate the district attorney
  5. Take his briefcase from him.
  6. To Madrazo, take the briefcase.

The Garage Parking

  • $3,450 per minute in earnings
  • At level 55, you’ll be able to unlock it.

While all of the other tasks on this list may be completed alone, the work from Lester Crest needs at least two players and pays handsomely. Pillbox Hill is the setting for this one.

When you’ve reached out to Lester Crest, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the designated parking area.
  2. Destroy all enemy targets.
  3. Take the documents.
  4. Return to Lester with your findings.

The Jury’s Decision

  • $3,550 per minute in earnings
  • At level 65, you’ll be able to unlock it.

Martin Madrazo’s second assignment takes place in Los Santos. It’s also one of his shorter assignments.

Here’s what you’ll need to finish Judging the Jury:

  1. Go to the given address.
  2. Assassinate all of the jurors.
  3. Attempt to elude the police.
  4. Return to Madrazo with your findings.

Rooftop Brawl

  • $3,650 per minute in earnings
  • At Level 75, you’ll be able to unlock it.

Here’s a task from Martin Madrazo that you may complete once you’ve finished with the Jury. This one is set in Mission Row.

The steps of Rooftop Rumble are as follows:

  1. Go to the Mission Row parking lot.
  2. Assassinate all of The Professionals’ thugs.
  3. Take the documents.
  4. Please deliver the papers to Madrazo.

Talking Trash

  • $3,700 per minute in dollars
  • At level 81, you’ll be able to unlock it.

This is Martin Madrazo’s final contact assignment in Grand Theft Auto Online, and it takes place at El Burro Heights.

The following is the action sequence for this job:

  1. Go to El Burro Heights, Madrazo’s rival.
  2. Destroy the trash trucks of your opponents.
  3. Assassinate the thugs of your rival.
  4. Take on the opposing boss and beat him.

For the year 2021, they are the highest-paying occupations in GTA Online. Visit our dedicated hub page for more GTA Online tips and tricks articles.

Since Grand Theft Auto is going online, it is only fitting that the top jobs in the game will be the highest paying in real life.  Assuming developers do not change anything on the GTA Online, the top jobs in GTA 5 will be the CEO of a company (highest cash generated), the CEO of a bank, the Vice President of a company, the Vice President of a bank and a CEO of a real estate company.  The CEO of a company will pay $2,000,000 a month, the CEO of a bank will pay $2,000,000 a month, the CEO of a real estate company will pay $2,000,000 a month and the Vice President of a bank will pay $2,. Read more about best missions in gta 5 online for money 2021 and let us know what you think.

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