As early as six years old, Joel Embiid has already mastered the art of dribbling. Now in his fourth year with the Philadelphia 76ers, he’s leading them to their 3rd straight playoff appearance and is playing ahead of his years.

The “alabama practice notes” is a story about how the Alabama Crimson Tide football team has been practicing ahead of their opponents. The article also includes quotes from the players on what they are doing to prepare for their upcoming game against LSU.

Right now, Mac Jones is making the New England Patriots seem to be geniuses. Despite being the fifth quarterback picked in the draft, he was the greatest rookie quarterback in 2021. Kurt Warner, a Hall of Fame quarterback and NFL Network pundit, feels Jones is already better than Tom Brady was at this point in his New England tenure.

In his first season with the Patriots, Mac Jones has made a huge impact.

When Mac Jones slipped into the 2021 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots certainly counted their blessings. At No. 15 overall, he was selected by the Patriots.

Jones was the first of four quarterbacks to take the field (Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields). During the first part of the regular season, as the other names struggled, the Alabama product started to shine.

Through the Patriots’ first 10 games, Jones has 2,333 yards, 13 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. He has the fourth-best completion percentage (69%) among all NFL quarterbacks.

By far the greatest rookie quarterback has been the native of Jacksonville, Florida. He presently has an 87.0 grade from Pro Football Focus, making him the only first-year quarterback with a mark higher than 65.0.

Mac Jones, in defense of the other rookies, found himself in an ideal scenario. He thrived in Alabama’s Nick Saban’s system and has swiftly adapted to New England’s Josh McDaniels’ scheme.

Jones’ strong start has already drawn accolades from inside and beyond the NFL.

Kurt Warner claims that the rookie quarterback is better than Tom Brady at this point.

Patriots QB Mac Jones in action; Tom Brady in pregame warmups

Patriots QB Mac Jones in action; Tom Brady in pregame warmups New England Patriots’ Mac Jones celebrates a touchdown | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images ; Before the game against the New York Jets, Tom Brady looks on | Mitchell Reibel/Getty Images

Mac Jones is just 23 years old, yet he plays football like a seasoned veteran at times.

Kurt Warner, a Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL Network commentator, had high praise for the Patriots’ rookie quarterback. While he sees parallels between Jones and Tom Brady, he feels Jones is ahead of the curve.

Warner spoke on The Rich Eisen Show to explore the similarities and contrasts between Jones and Brady in their early seasons.

“If you look back to that season [2001], I would argue you received more from Mac Jones than you did from Tom Brady,” the two-time MVP stated. “He’s much ahead of his time.” He’s a man who has shown his ability to make huge throws. More significantly, he’s a player who consistently makes the correct decision.”

Warner noted that the Patriots didn’t need as much from Brady at the time as they do from Jones in 2021.

“Brady was basically just a placeholder that first year,” he said. “Even when they defeated us in the Super Bowl, Brady passed for 150 yards.” It was primarily designed to play defense and run the football. Mac does not fit within that category. They’re putting a lot of pressure on him and expecting him to make plays.”

Brady and Jones will always be compared.

People will always associate Mac Jones with Tom Brady, no matter what he accomplishes in the NFL. While it is unjust to compare him to the greatest quarterback of all time, it is unavoidable.

Brady was drafted in the sixth round out of Michigan. When he graduated from college, few people had big hopes for him. He, on the other hand, disproved everyone and became the GOAT.

Jones, on the other hand, was selected in the middle of the first round by the New England Patriots. This time, the expectations are different.

Although no one expects the rookie to win seven Super Bowls and play in 14 Pro Bowls, the New England Patriots have set a high bar. It would be naive to believe that the supporters do not expect the team to win.

Tom Brady departed New England for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he won a Super Bowl. Bill Belichick, no doubt, wants to show that he can win a Super Bowl with Mac Jones.

Jones passes the eye test, and he has the potential to be a long-term contributor for the Patriots.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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