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Hell or Highwater is a new game from the creators of The Walking Dead. It’s a survival-horror game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. I can’t give you my opinion on this game because it just came out and I haven’t had time to play it yet, but if you’re interested in buying it, you should buy it before all the copies sell out.

Few game genres have been as crowded as shooters and World War II. It’s reasonable; the time period is enthralling. The weapons are well-suited for video game balancing. The evil people are very simple to see.

However, Australian developer Black Matter’s Hell Let Loose manages to remain fresh by embracing the most extreme niche of military shooters. As a consequence, the game is fantastic for aficionados of the sub-genre, but it will be completely unintelligible to newcomers for the first several hours.

Review of Hell Let Loose: Hell or Highwater

Hell Let Loose is a Milsim (military simulation) game. It belongs to a sub-genre that includes titles such as Squad and Arma. Although it is a first-person shooter, it is not in the same league as Call of Duty. Armies with complete command structures engage in large 50v50 engagements.

Each army has a commander who issues orders to squad commanders, who in turn direct their individual squads to accomplish their objectives and conquer sectors over vast, spreading battlefields. All of these responsibilities are managed by humans.

Battles take place on foot, in vehicles, and with artillery, and each force must manage its supplies. As well-managed teams have more vehicles, spawn locations closer to the fight, and more favorable positions, managing the supply chain is just as important as managing the individual battles on the map.  

Every participant has a distinct role to perform, and there are more than a dozen to select from. The commander (one on each side) issues orders and utilizes resources to launch air attacks, requisition vehicles, and plan supply drops, among other things. Infantry units engage in combat and capture land, recon units establish spawn sites in enemy territory, armor units use tanks, and so on.

War is a terrible experience.


If it seems complicated, you’re on the correct track. The mechanisms of Hell Let Loose are designed to resemble the difficulties of organizing a military operation. You can’t make up for logistical mistakes by being excellent at shooting, but you can win skirmishes to control more of the map, which produces more resources to fuel the war effort.

Fighting and management have a synergistic connection.

Hell Let Loose took me a long time to “get.” After many futile lives and several hours into the game, I found myself having a terrible time in a game that seemed to be well-designed and thought out. While trudging across vast swaths of land to perish at the hands of an unknown foe may be a necessary evil in battle, it isn’t a very enjoyable way to pass the time. 

There is no tutorial, and no bots or other educational modes are available. Players are thrown straight into the game, with only the in-game manual’s several pages of text to explain what’s going on or how to play. 

Hell Let Loose is about as inhospitable to newcomers as a game can be, which is a pity since there is a nice game to be found here if you can find it.

Taking Notice of the Light


All the pieces came into place when I finally met squad mates that were engaged in a mission. Suddenly, I found myself reporting to an officer who had been given precise objectives by the commander. Several individuals assisted me in staying alive (including a medic to bring me back from the brink of death). My average lifetime and the number of opponents I killed both rose substantially.

In another round, I formed a two-man recon squad with a sniper. During this mission, I was a spotter and only fired my rifle a few times. Instead, I used a pair of binoculars as a weapon. We took shelter behind cover, and I scanned the battlefield, marking opponents for my sniper to take down. As bizarre as it may seem, this was one of the most thrilling moments of Hell Let Loose.  

The cars are exact replicas of their real-life counterparts (which is a fancy way of saying they are intentionally difficult to use). Driving a tank requires meticulous gearbox management. Although the gunner wields a powerful weapon, vision is frequently a challenge. Long-distance travel is best accomplished with a passenger devoted to their map, directing the driver.

It’s tough, and it requires cooperation, as with most things in Hell Let Loose. A well-managed vehicle unit, on the other hand, may dominate with a tank or drop huge numbers of infantry in strategic locations.

A Beautifully Decorated Battlefield 


The advancement system in Hell Let Loose is pretty conventional. Experience points are earned by performing effectively on the battlefield, finishing matches, and winning battles. These points are used to advance a career and role level.

This unlocks cosmetic goods and serves as an initial experience gate, prohibiting players below a particular level (beginners) from taking on positions such as Commander until they’ve accumulated enough experience. It makes logic and moves forward at a steady pace. Them’s also a good motivation to stay with a losing team rather than abandoning it, since doing so may lose you a lot of potential XP.

The graphics aren’t very appealing. Some of this is intentional. The bleak, war-torn landscape of Europe isn’t supposed to be bright and cheerful. The frequent popups for greenery and texturing are less forgiving.

You must be vigilant in Hell Let Loose, watching for any movement that may reveal an adversary. That’s tough to accomplish when shrubbery appears unexpectedly, especially considering the generally limited special effects.  

On the other side, the sound design is excellent. Many games include loud, booming sound effects. The sound engineering of Hell Let Loose is definitely superior. With a frightening whizz, bullets fly past your head. Nearby explosions are devastatingly chaotic, while distant gunfire correctly indicates enemy positions. If you have the appropriate headphones or sound system, the audio adds a considerable amount to the experience.  

The Bottom Line in the War Let Loose Review



  • Military simulation with a lot of immersion
  • Outside of battle, there are many ways to contribute to your squad.
  • Excellent sound design


  • There is no formalized onboarding procedure for new players.
  • When playing alone, the game may be tedious and irritating.
  • On current-gen hardware, there’s a surprising amount of texture pop.
  • Visuals that are unappealing

The player’s experience with Hell Let Loose is mainly determined by them. I wouldn’t blame those who are new to the genre, particularly those who are playing alone, for abandoning the game after just a few hours.

Milsim veterans, as well as those who stay around long enough to learn the ropes and form a team, will find this WWI shooter to be a rich and gratifying experience. 

 [Note: The copy of Hell Let Loose used for this review was supplied by Team 17.]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hell Let Loose a good game?

It is a good game.

Is Hell Let Loose difficult?

Hell Let Loose is a difficult song.

Is Hell Let Loose historically accurate?

Hell Let Loose is a historical fiction novel that takes place in the late 1800s. It is not historically accurate as it does not take into account the facts of history, such as the fact that there was no nuclear war and Hitler did not die in 1945.

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