Guardians of the Galaxy is a science fiction film directed by James Gunn. The movie was released on August 1st, 2014 and stars Chris Pratt as Peter Quill, Dave Bautista as Drax, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Vin Diesel as Groot, Michael Rooker as Yondu Udonta and Bradley Cooper who voices Rocket Racoon. The movie has grossed over $600 million worldwide in just 10 days

As a fan of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, I was excited to learn about how to unlock all costumes in the game. The process is quite simple and doesn’t require any special skills.

Guardians of the Galaxy, like any Marvel game, features a plethora of various outfits you can use to dress up Star-Lord and the rest of the team.

Each character has their own wardrobe, the majority of which may be discovered through exploring the surroundings. With that in mind, we’ll show you where to find each and every Guardians of the Galaxy outfit. 

Outfits Available for Pre-Order

Outfits are available as a pre-order bonus in Guardians of the Galaxy, but they may also be unlocked by discovering them in-game. If you pre-ordered the game, the following clothes will be available right away. 

  • Team Lord — Star-Lord
  • The Stinger — Rocket
  • The Impaler Groot
  • Black Vortex — Gamora
  • Thanos Imperative — Drax

You’ll also be able to unlock the following two costumes if you pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe edition of the game. 

  • Sun-Lord — Star-Lord
  • City Lord — Star-Lord

Automatically Unlocking Outfits 

When you achieve 14th Chapter, the Gold Guardians costume will be immediately unlocked for all five party members, and they will be selectable right away. The following are the details. 

  • Gold-Lord — Star-Lord
  • Rocket is a member of the Golden Guardians.
  • Groot is a member of the Golden Guardians.
  • Golden Guardians — Gamora
  • Golden Guardians — Drax

If you haven’t already gotten Star-clothes Lord’s via other methods, such as pre-order incentives, you’ll be able to do so after you finish the game for the first time. Here are the five things you’ll be able to do after you’ve unlocked them.

  • Sun-Lord — Star-Lord
  • City Lord — Star-Lord
  • Sleek Lord — Star-Lord
  • Space Lord — Star-Lord
  • Social Lord — Star-Lord 

Chapter 1

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket (2014)


When you reach the bottom and encounter Rocket and Groot for the first time, turn right and enter the dead-end Rocket mentions. On your left, there’s an aperture where you’ll locate the chest. 

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot (2014)


After the sequence in which the crew discovers the Mind Stone, check in the right corner of the chamber for a pink resin wall. You can crawl through a hold to get to the treasure and clothes.  

Chapter 2

Nova Lord – Star-Lord


When you’re following Nikki and you have the option to “Encourage Her” or “Take Control,” look to the left for some large yellow pipes. To locate the Nova Lord outfit, go around to the side of the pipes and then beneath. 

Chapter 3

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora (2014)


The squad will ultimately come to a halt while exploring the jungles and wait for Peter. Find Rocket, and to his right lies a cave with a passage leading to it. Fight the two monsters inside, then proceed through the little hole into the area with the treasure. 

Groot is one of the Apocalypse’s Five Horsemen.


After defeating the two monsters and obtaining the cage, the team will go to a gap that Groot must cross. After crossing the bridge, look to the left for a tiny trail. You’ll get to a point when you’ll need to freeze a geyser if you stick with it. At the end of the trail, the chest will be on top of a cliff. 

Chapter 4

Only two outfits are available in Chapter 4, but they are located in different locations depending on whether you sell Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender. 

Groot Route is for sale.

Rocket is one of the Apocalypse’s Five Horsemen.


You’ll need to sneak through hallways while hostile troops sleep after selling Groot. Head up the lift, but instead of going left with your group, go right and leap over a table to discover the treasure. 

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Drax (2014)


When you arrive at Lady Hellbender’s throne chamber, go behind the throne and traverse the room to the other side to discover the chest. 

Rocket Route is for sale.

Five Horsemen – Rocket

Simply go through the level until the squad escapes via the sewers to discover this one. When you reach a fork, the team will choose the right fork, thus you must take the left fork and look for the chest.

Drax – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Follow the level until you reach the enormous fans and depart the royal chamber. Shoot the boxes obstructing your passage to the left of the fan. Your group will begin to move to the left as you go ahead, but when you get the opportunity, move forward and jump over the platforms to obtain the treasure.

Chapter 5

Nova Corps – Drax


As you begin Chapter 5, you’ll need to hack certain doors in order to get access to the Nova Corps base, which will need Peter rerouting electricity. Instead of sending power to the main doors, seek for the bathroom’s little doors on the left side of the room. You’ll discover the chest within if you route electricity to that door. 

Nova Corps – Groot


After the sequence when Star-Lord utilizes the Nova Corps helmet, you’ll fight various opponents before arriving in an orange-lit corridor. Before following your party to the left, go to the end of the corridor and look behind a forklift for the treasure. 

Chapter 6

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord (2014)


Follow the main route ahead in Knowhere until you come upon a group of three green toddlers playing with finger guns. Star-Lord may interact with them, but you’ll have to hop over the railing behind them and go left over the pipes to get the outfit. 

Chapter 7

Nova Corps – Rocket


When you return to the Nova Corps ship, you’ll find yourself in a vast circular elevator chamber with a generator in the center. You’ll need to reroute electricity in two distinct side chambers once you’ve raised the elevator for the first time. Groot can build a platform in the chamber on the left, so do so and leap from the higher ledge. Look for a vent you can crawl through to go to a smaller area with the treasure at the top and a power node you can use to return. 

Nova Corps – Gamora


You’ll descend a stairway that’s filled with electric water at the bottom as you move toward Nikki’s hiding location. To remove the lightning, use Star-lighting Lord’s shot on the switch. Then discover a section of pipes that you may tell Gamora to break and enter to find the treasure.

Chapter 8

Bad Lord Star-Lord


Follow the tale until Drax dives into the red fuel liquid, then dive in and slide into the next chamber. After passing across the archway, look to the left for a container that Drax may lift. Place the box in front of the door, then leap up and get the chest. 

Cage Match – Drax


Simply continue the tale until the scenario in which the Guardians steal a succession of movable platforms occurs. When you arrive on a circular corridor, go to the far end and look for the chest. 

10th Chapter

Gamora is one of the Apocalypse’s Five Horsemen.


You’ll need to cross a small river with a waterfall on the right side shortly after Mantis joins you. It’s the age-old chest behind the waterfall this time. 

Annihilation Conquest Suit – Groot


You’ll tumble into a pitch-black cave halfway through the level, when Groot will utilize his magic to light things up. Follow the road ahead, but as you approach closer to the exit, keep an eye out on the right side. You should eventually notice a crack light up with the purple glow of a chest, so go ahead and get it. 

12th Chapter

Thanos Imperative – Drax


You’ll be assaulted by foes as soon as you get on Knowhere. Look for a huge yellow box that Drax can move once you’ve defeated them; it’ll be nestled beneath a loader. Pull it out and then leap up on top of him for the chest.

The Smuggler – Rocket


After defeating the opponents in the marketplace, just continue the main road until you see Rocket standing in front of a green door. Pull it out with Star-wind Lord’s shot, and the chest will be right there.

Impaler – Groot


As you go through the tale, you’ll come across a region full with yellow faith cubes and cables that Gamora must break. Follow the trail until you reach a wall that Drax must overcome. Instead, glance to the left and utilize a green panel with wind shot. Expect a succession of little riddles once Groot constructs a bridge and crosses it. Shoot the panel and use the electricity fired at the faulty door, then have Rocket head through the opening in the next room to switch off the power on the floor. Look for the chest behind the palets in the room. 

Casual Kill – Gamora


Continue to the rooftop combat, then have Drax bust a hole in the earth and slip down. Instead of continuing ahead after landing, spin around and crawl into the chest hole. 

Apocalypse Lord – Star-Lord


After you discover Cosmo, you’ll encounter adversaries in a white brain matter-covered environment with a hole in the centre. Once beaten, Drax should lift the box to the left-hand platform. Look for a wall against which Gamora may cling, then grapple up to the platform above her for the treasure. 

13th Chapter

Black Vortex – Gamora


Now that you’ve defeated the first two opponents on Maklu IV, look to the right of the wall Gamora may cut for a grappleable wall. Ascend the cliff and follow it to the treasure.

Groot – Sprouts at Five O’Clock


Follow the way until the squad sidles along an edge and reaches a cave after the initial fight with worms. Right away, look to your right for the chest.

Star-Lord vs. War-Lord vs. Star-Lord vs. War-Lor


Continue until you gain the fire shot ability, then drop a chunk of ice on a big skeleton as instructed by the game. Cross the gap, then gaze up and to the left to see more ice melt, revealing a platform that Groot can hoist to his chest. 

The Stinger – Rocket


You’ll eventually come upon a swath of deadly plants that may be eliminated with the fire shot. Destroy the plants until the chest in the center of the area is discovered.

Katathian Monk Drax


Slid through the ice tunnel after passing past the burning settlement. The toxic plants may be found on the rocks to the left. Destruction of the vegetation and ascent to the chest

Chapter 14

Team-Lord vs. Star-Lord


You’ll ultimately come across a chamber with a gigantic fan that can blow you away as you go through Sacrosanct. Pull up obstacles that stop the wind using the wind-shot. Halfway along the route, you’ll come upon an alcove with a massive yellow container. As you approach the treasure, jump up on the container, then go to the upper levels, where you may use the wind shot to defend yourself. 

Drax – The Apocalypse’s Five Horsemen


You’ll find yourself outside the ship in a location with enormous turrets at some time. Continue on until you reach a Groot bridge, but turn right to discover an ice wall that you can melt with the fire shot. Continue through and up until you reach the chest. 

Gamora, the Chosen One


Continue until you’re faced with waves of foes to destroy while Rocket hacks a turret. After the fight, use your fire shot to shatter the ice wall. After passing through, look to the right for the chest, which is hidden behind one of the boxes. 

That concludes your search for all of the outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy. Check out our Guardians of the Galaxy guide center if you need any further assistance. 

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