It’s no secret that I love virtual reality. Ever since I played Super Mario 64 back in the day, it’s been a dream of mine to be able to go to other worlds and live out fantastic adventures. Although VR has a long way to go before it can compete with the real world, the technology is improving all the time. One of the best games I’ve played in VR was a first-person shooter called The Brookhaven Experiment.

When it came out last year, many people bemoaned the lack of a real thinking man’s survival game. Well, this year the genre has only gotten more popular, and both the indie and mainstream survival games are full of not-so-smart people. But I digress. When I first heard about Green Hell, my expectations were low, and I ended up pleasantly surprised. To the game’s credit, it does what it’s supposed to: it’s a survival game in which you try to get through the game, and survive. That’s it.

It was one of those two or three days when nothing went right. Then it all went wrong. I was stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. My boat had broken down. I had nothing to eat and I was stuck. My boat was gone and I’d been left there with the sharks.

Survival simulations are generally difficult. It’s in their nature. The real challenge, however, is to find the right balance between complexity and fun. If you lean too much to one side or the other, you risk an uneven experience. While it may seem at first that Green Hell leans too heavily on more complex gameplay, especially in the first few hours, you’ll find that the experience is not only well-balanced, but completely immersive.

Green Hell Review: A survival simulation for the thinking man

. Having played other survival games,ArkandRest, games that don’t rely much on storylines, Green HellStory immediately caught my attention. Here you will not only lie half naked on the beach. Instead, you become a young couple who arrive at a desolate tropical place to make contact with a native tribe. The plot sprinkles all sorts of reasons to be intrigued, from a vague tribal story to a great moment in your expedition. However, the core of his story boils down to the disappearance of your wife Mia, the loss of narrative memory, and the struggle to survive when you find yourself in a green hell called. It may seem overly formal and do nothing exciting, but it gives meaning to your time in the deadly jungle and forces you to do more than explore. However, if you are playing Green Hell just for the survival experience, you can choose the survival mode instead of the story mode, and both modes can be played in single player and co-op. Whichever mode you start in, once you’re in the dense, sweaty jungle, the real fun begins. word-image-5919 Track your carbohydrate, fat, protein and fluid intake with a handy GPS watch. But to learn how to harvest fresh water, how to increase carbohydrates, or which animals provide the best food, you’ll have to dig through your notebook for information. This line of research increases tenfold when we look at the effects of parasites and worms. Any unsafe entry into Green Hellcould result in your death. Sometimes eating with dirty hands can lead to serious problems, or a desperate sip of water from a dirty river can have a negative impact. And while it’s no fun to see your health and stamina steadily decline, it’s worth finding ways to counteract these debilitating factors. And Green Hell doesn’t punish you for your lack of experience in the genre. Yes, you can search for various instructional videos while playing, but unlike some other games in this genre, all relevant information is available or searchable. Trying a strange looking mushroom in the name of science is a risky scenario. You may vomit violently and fall face first into the mud, but you will also discover all the effects of this mushroom, which you then write down in a notebook. word-image-5920 In addition to parasitism, Green Hell redefines the concept of self-care in survival games involving physical harm. You will spend a lot of time mechanically inspecting your limbs for leeches, worms, snake bites, rashes and scrapes. Simply ignoring your problems will only increase the pain. Untreated scratches cause infections, bites from poisonous animals affect health, and worms destroy the mind – literally.  To combat these ailments, you will spend a lot of time searching and collecting plants to make salves and antidotes. The environment of The Green Inferno is not only beautiful, but is so seamlessly integrated that the all-important plants don’t stand out as objects waiting for you to do something with them. Instead, you must earnestly search for them, but when you find them, you will be overcome with a sense of genuine relief. Along the way you will come into contact with various animal species, some of which are harmless and others deadly. You will quickly learn to fly away at the sight of a poisonous frog galloping merrily towards you, or to wince at the sight of a snake. By themselves, they are scary enough, but when each of your physical ailments becomes a real problem, these interactions can become frightening. In addition, there is the mechanism of reason mentioned above. Leeches, bad dreams or strange unidentified fruits can slowly destroy your mind. As you get deeper into the madness, you will start to hear voices and eventually hallucinate. If the dwindling health bar and stamina aren’t enough to take care of yourself, the health meter will definitely help, because those ghostly voices will give you the chills. word-image-5921 However, what could make you even crazier – in the best sense of the word – is the design of the Green Hellcard. It is without a doubt one of the best implemented and most immersive environments in the genre. It is incredibly easy to get lost in the dense jungle. You will need to use maps, compasses and environmental features to help you find your way. Due to the lack of icons normally used to indicate the player’s current position on the map, I used the map and compass frequently to determine the direction of my camp. Nothing illustrates the delirium of hiking better than the time I tripped over a cadaver and realized I had already passed it and was walking around in circles. Likewise, I was exhausted from chasing an irritatingly fast armadillo. Even though it was only a few minutes from my camp, I had no idea which way to go. After some desperate wandering, however, I came to the river and remembered that my camp was also by the river. And I followed him, only to stumble home. This natural form of map design is a joy to play, and Green Hell remains one of the few games where I found where to go naturally and intuitively rather than being led by intrusive pings and marked paths.

Green Hell Test– The Conclusion



  • Fun and dense survival system
  • Information accessible via laptop
  • History helps experience
  • A beautiful and logical environment


  • The systems can be intimidating and sometimes a bit overwhelming.

Green Hell combines realistic environments with unforgiving but accessible survival mechanics and is an incredibly addictive game. There were times when the steadily decreasing health and endurance bar made me want to start saving again, but the endurance seemed to be as much a part of the experience as the mechanics that hurt. The story may not be for everyone, but a reason to explore the game’s dense environment appealed to me much more than just building a nice cabin. With a sinister atmosphere enhanced by intimidating reasoning mechanisms and enemies, as well as thought-provoking survival mechanisms, Green Hell turned out not to be so hellish after all. [Note: Creepy Jar delivered a copy of Green Hell used for this review].Last month we spoke to the developers of Surviving Mars about their upcoming strategy game, Green Hell. Today, we’re going to have a closer look at the game itself, as we go on a mission to the Red Planet to see if we can survive there.. Read more about green hell switch physical and let us know what you think.

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