Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback who has taken the league by storm this season, sat down for an exclusive interview with ESPN. In his first interview since becoming a father to daughter Madison last month, he talked about how being a dad has changed him and what he’s learned from her.

The patrick mahomes tattoo is a photo of Patrick Mahomes and his daughter. It was taken by the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback himself, and it’s no wonder he loves playing football.

Patrick Mahomes is in a better position after Week 1 than he was at the conclusion of the previous season. He guided the Kansas City Chiefs to a thrilling win against the Cleveland Browns in a game in which quarterback Baker Mayfield’s one significant mental lapse gave the game to the Chiefs. But Mahomes has more on his mind than his upcoming quarterback matchup: he has a 6-month-old daughter in the stands. Week 2 will be his second opportunity to show his daughter what the rest of the world already knows about her brilliant father, as he takes against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

In February 2021, Mahomes and Brittany Matthews had their first child, Sterling Skye.

Patrick Mahomes, who is a girl dad, and fiancee Brittany Matthews

Patrick Mahomes, who is a girl dad, and fiancee Brittany Matthews Patrick Mahomes II and Brittany Matthews are in attendance at the global premiere of the documentary “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here.” | Getty Images/Paras Griffin Verizon Communications Inc.

In September 2020, Mahomes stated, “We’re taking a little detour to the wedding.” It was a wry understatement, to say the least. According to People, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback and his wife Brittany’s life turned for the better on February 20, 2021. The soon-to-be Mrs. Mahomes gave birth to a healthy kid at that time. Sterling Skye Mahomes is the name of the couple’s first child.

Sterling Skye’s birth was announced on Instagram with a lovely photo of her little hand clutching her father’s finger. Of course, the Mahomes family as a whole welcomed their newest member right away. According to People, Pat Mahomes, a former MLB player who is now a grandpa, was seen at preseason games with Sterling Skye on his lap.

Of course, the younger Mahomes isn’t content to have others care for his new daughter all of the time. “I’ve matured a lot in my first few years in the NFL, and I’ve had to shoulder a lot of responsibility,” he added, “but nothing compares to having a child and having someone you’re trying to take care of every single day.”

Patrick Mahomes says as a “daughter parent,” he would “do everything he can.”

Sterling Skye’s father will be busy with a lot of work on and off the field to keep the Chiefs ready for another Super Bowl run, as the Week 1 matchup demonstrated. He told the assembled reporters, according to TMZ Sports, that nothing would stop him from doing “everything he can” to be a wonderful “daughter parent.”

The essence of the game of football looms over all the goodwill. It’s something to be concerned about, given the Chiefs’ QB1 was exposed for most of their most recent postseason campaign. This aggravated knee and foot problems that the Mahomes family (whose daughter Brittany works as a personal trainer) had been working to resolve over the offseason. Thankfully, according to an story, the new dad is optimistic about his offensive line’s chances in 2021.

The younger Mahomes added, “I believe they’ve had a great preseason.” “I haven’t been struck very much. I don’t believe I was touched today. […] They’ve done a fantastic job and have improved each week, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

At Arrowhead Stadium, Sterling Mahomes has already seen her father in action.

In more ways than one, Arrowhead Stadium is a special location for the Mahomes family. After proposing to Brittany at Arrowhead, her boyfriend became her fiancée. According to MSN, special lights was installed in buildings across the Kansas City region, including Arrowhead, to commemorate Sterling Skye’s birth.

And, according to USA Today, the Mahomes family’s new addition has been there and watched her father do his thing since a few preseason games. During Week 1, Brittany used Instagram to show off her baby at Arrowhead. Sterling Skye is seeing her father walk off the field with a victory for the first of what will surely be many occasions. Her father will have to prove himself to her once again, this time against the Ravens.

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The patrick mahomes baseball team is a professional baseball team that was founded by Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has had to take on a lot of responsibility in the NFL but nothing’s like having a kid.

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