The bow is a melee weapon in the game Ghostwire Tokyo.
In this guide, we’ll go over how to get the Bow, what stats it has and show you some top-level gameplay. The bow can be used from any distance with accuracy that doesn’t drop off much past eight meters or so. It’s also one of the most important weapons for hunting ghosts as they are vulnerable when their head is exposed (which makes them more likely to fall). Also note: This item isn’t free! You need to complete missions in order to unlock bows and arrows first!

The “ghostwire tokyo release date” is the third book in the Ghostwire series. It was released on September 14, 2015.

Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Get the Bow

The Ghostwire Tokyo bow is a great way to take down Visitors without getting your hands filthy – or being dragged off – but it’s not something you can use on every given day. It’s unsuitable for most close engagements, and Ghostwire restricts the number of arrows you may carry. Still, you can always find more or pay for them, and certain talents may help you reach your full capacity.

In Ghostwire Tokyo, how do you get the bow?

The bow will take some patience to get, not because it’s difficult to gain, but because it’s locked behind tale development. During his visit to KK’s residence, Akito dashes over the bow. It’s a crucial time, and you’ll need to utilize it right away to demolish some ghostly barriers that have appeared surrounding the apartment complex.

You’ll utilize the bow to take down adversaries from afar when you’re not blasting barriers and clearing spectral sludge from afar. This allows you to destroy one or two Visitors before they notice you, giving you more control over battles and the number of attackers swarming you at once.

To use the bow, activate the weapon menu by pressing “R1” (on PlayStation). Select the bow using the right stick, then aim with “L2” while holding “R2” down. The shot charges faster the longer you press “R2.” If you need to take down a lone Visitor before it notices you, keep in mind that charged guns do greater damage.


How to Increase the Number of Arrows in Ghostwire Tokyo

You start with a few arrows and can hold up to ten, which isn’t a lot. Some arrows may be found in unexpected spots throughout Tokyo, such as alleys or abandoned booths, although the most consistent method to get arrows is to purchase them from businesses. The majority of convenience shops offer a box of ten arrows at a time.

We also suggest spending some skill points in the Quiver Boost upgrades if you intend on utilizing the bow often. The third tier of this talent increases your quiver capacity to 20 arrows, which is still a lot more than the default limit of 10. Draw Speed Boost, on the other hand, is less beneficial. Because you’ll be disguised when you use the bow, draw speed won’t be an issue. 

That’s all you need to know about In Ghostwire Tokyo, how do you get the bow? and where to find more arrows, but check out our other Ghostwire Tokyo guides for more tips and tricks.

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