The NFL’s recent trip to London will be the league’s first foray into the European market since 2007. However, the league is now facing some stiff competition for sponsorship dollars in London, as European soccer teams have a growing popularity with fans in the United Kingdom in recent years. Just last season, Manchester United, which plays in the English Premier League, became the first English club to ever finish atop the FIFA world rankings. And if you’re curious who’ll win the upcoming World Cup, none other than England’s own Premier League is slated to play in this year’s tournament.

The NFL is planning to expand to Wembley Stadium for two games this upcoming season. It’s a huge step for the league, and it’s exciting for the passionate fan base in the UK. But there are rumors that some fans are keeping their reservations about taking a trip to London. One person who is voicing dissent from the plan is English soccer legend Gary Lineker.

Now that the English Premier League has announced its first-ever plan to bring an NFL franchise to London, we’re wondering if there’s a chance the league will reverse course and postpone its UK experiment. Sure, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has repeatedly crowed about the league’s massive popularity in the United Kingdom, but that discussion has essentially ended last week, when the PL announced a deal to build its new stadium at Battersea Power Station.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, no NFL games were played in London – or anywhere else abroad – during the 2020 season. All football games stayed in the US, for obvious reasons.

In an effort to get back on track, the NFL plans to host two games in England later this year. But, and we’re not making this up, angry football fans may force the NFL to reconsider its plans.

Football fans can be a problem for NFL games in London

Downturn in Super League may force NFL to move scheduled games to London | Chloe Knott – Danehouse/Getty Images

If you are familiar with the butterfly effect, it is the idea that a small, simple change or event can have a huge impact on the future.

In the case of the NFL and its games in London, perhaps we should call this the Superbowl effect. Earlier this year, European football fans reacted with outrage to the proposal by some big clubs, including Arsenal and Manchester United, to set up their own league.

Tottenham Hotspur, a London-based team, was one of 12 clubs in the Super League. The two NFL games scheduled in London this year will be played at the aptly named Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. First, on Sunday the 10th. In October, the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Jets will face each other. In a week, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins will meet in London.

According to the Daily Mail, it is feared that football fans will stage non-violent protests in the hope of stopping both matches. According to reports, fans are already discussing the possibility on YouTube channels.

At the time of publication, the NFL had not yet made a statement about the upcoming games in London.

Should the league be concerned about the future of the London Games?

The London games have proven to be extremely lucrative and popular for the NFL since their first visit abroad. And in a league where money is king, you can’t expect the NFL to voluntarily burn dollar bills.

But the potential of these nonviolent protests should worry the NFL. You don’t want to send four teams abroad to play in front of empty stadiums, or risk a kick-off being delayed for a few hours because the fans are still angry with the Super League.

There are also logistical issues with moving the game. Asking the Jets to stay in Buffalo because of a snowstorm is one thing, but asking teams to stay in England indefinitely is another. And rescheduling those international trips won’t be as easy as it was last year, when the NFL postponed games because of the pandemic.

The London Games deserve to stay, even if the federation changes its immediate plans. However, the NFL won’t be able to send the Buccaneers or Rams to England anytime soon if fans there continue to reject the Superleague. Buccaneers owner Joel Glazer and Rams owner Stan Kroenke, both involved in European football, were on the founding board of the Super League.

NFL moved games from international locations before.

In a situation where the NFL has decided that the risks of holding games in London this year far outweigh the benefits, there is at least one precedent for bringing international games back to the United States.

The Rams planned to host the Chiefs in Mexico during the 2018 season. However, due to poor conditions, the game had to be played in Los Angeles. The Rams won 54-51 in theFootball Classic Monday night.

The Falcons and Jaguars are the home teams this year. If the games aren’t held in London, it makes a lot more sense to hold them in Atlanta or Jacksonville than to look for another neutral venue.

With everything that has happened since the calendar flipped to 2020, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that European football fans could have a negative impact on NFL revenue. Now, there’s nothing scandalous about that.

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