The NFL and its players union have been in a longstanding feud over contract negotiations. The league has come down hard on players who skip the entire season, with suspensions for offenses like performance-enhancing drug use. Now that it’s November, Brown is facing suspension from his team if he doesn’t return to Cleveland by Monday morning (November 26).

Former All-Pro LB Shawne Merriman has stated that Antonio Brown’s on-field meltdown will cost him his career. Read more in detail here: shawne merriman.

Former All-Pro LB Shawne Merriman Believes Antonio Brown's on-Field Meltdown Will Cost Him His Career

During the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Week 17 triumph over the New York Jets, Antonio Brown had a historic breakdown. To this point, it’s been well-documented. While there’s still a lot of mystery around what triggered Brown’s on-field rant, it hasn’t prevented folks from weighing in on what this means for AB and his NFL future.

Former All-Pro linebacker Shawne Merriman has voiced his displeasure with the situation. He believes Brown’s career will be over as a result of this occurrence.

Antonio Brown’s NFL career, according to Shawne Merriman, is gone.

Former Bucs WR Antonio Brown.

Former Bucs WR Antonio Brown. Elsa/Getty Images | Antonio Brown

Merriman was blunt in his response to the Brown incident while speaking with When asked whether he thought Brown will receive another chance with a new NFL club, he flatly responded “no.”

Merriman said, “No.” “People say you can have a second chance, but you can’t. “I’m not doing it.” You see, you know what? The NFL will deal with certain off-the-field difficulties if you’re a tremendous player. They’ll do it. They won’t deal with on-field matters, however, since how you play is affected by what happens on the field. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you aren’t accessible due of your activities on the field.

Merriman had shown compassion for the issue earlier in the meeting. “We just witnessed someone ruin everything they’ve fought for,” he said, referring to Brown as a “confirmed Hall of Famer.”

It’s difficult to dispute with Merriman’s observations on Brown. No one can deny that the former Buccaneers wide receiver has a top-tier talent. His repeated pranks, on the other hand, have denied him a chance at a genuinely remarkable career. It is undeniably an example of someone squandering what they have worked for.

On January 6, the Buccaneers officially released AB.

There was substantial misunderstanding after the Jets game over Brown’s formal status with the Buccaneers. After the victory, head coach Bruce Arians claimed he was fired, but the transaction wire said otherwise.

AB, on the other hand, was formally discharged on Thursday, January 6, following a few days of employment uncertainty.

Brown is technically free to join with whatever club he wants in the future. Several teams in contention for the playoffs could use a boost at wide receiver. However, as Merriman points out, it’s difficult to picture a company ready to give him another opportunity.

Tampa Bay (with Tom Brady) seemed like AB’s last shot to redeem himself in the NFL.

What does Antonio Brown’s future hold?

Brown’s path forward seems to be a little hazy. Concerns have already been raised about a possible NFLPA dispute between Brown and the Buccaneers. If Arians tries to force Brown to play while ailing, the Buccaneers may be forced to release him, which might lead to legal complications.

Arians’ version of events, on the other hand, is entirely different, and Brown’s dancing around the field as he walked away makes it difficult to think he was really harmed.

In any case, if Brown chooses to return to the NFL, he will have a long and difficult road. To persuade an NFL franchise to give him actual money, he’d have to demonstrate significant character improvements. Meanwhile, he may continue to focus on his rap career.

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