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A great deal of FFXIV Gil has been made about the player housing area. People love the new design. I personally felt it was an empty, boring neighborhood with too many identical houses. Regardless, it’s out there and you’ve got to make your place stand out. There are three ways to do that: a pay a lot of money, get a lot of money, or get a lot of time. It is important to know the difference and utilize the tools and resources you have to get the results you want.

As of today, Square Enix has revealed two ways in which players can acquire the “Modern Aesthetic” for their equipment. This includes the “Aesthetician” and “Systems” quests in the new 24-player raid: the Palace of the Dead. Taking place in the Interdimensional Rift, the Palace of the Dead is an ancient structure that touts a host of new activities for the player.

The haircut that the entire Final Fantasy XIVglamour community has been waiting for like an elusive nugget of data finally appears in FFXIV 5.55, and it’s called Both Ways – although it’s really only one of the options. Basically. It’s not a hairstyle with two ponytails, but it does have a messy ponytail, cute twisted whiskers, bangs, a braided braid and an aha effect. It’s like they collected all the adorable aspects of community haircuts and put them together into one! Although this may be too much for some. A look at the back of the style. word-image-10468

FFXIV : How to treat both sides of the hair

Like many of today’s hairstyles, Modern Aesthetics – Both Ways comes from the southern front of Bozjan, more specifically from the new body Zadnor –. The crates you can get by playing out Zadnor include Modern Aesthetics – Both Ways, but you can only get in Zadnor if you rewrite the Future quest in the main story and complete the Fit for a Queen quest in Bozge. It takes eight players to play Zadnor. If you don’t want to fight your way through the Bozian front and the dangers that lurk there, you may find yourself in a mini-catastrophe. Modern Aesthetics – Both Ways can be exchanged forand can also be purchased on the marketplace for too many coins. By comparison : At the time of writing, the price of this haircut in Balmung is 10 million gil. That’s the price of Modern Aesthetics – Early to Rise, but there’s good news: Modern Aesthetics – Early to Rise made it easy to get thispatch. If, like many others, you wanted to get your hands on Modern Aesthetics – Early to Rise but had no luck in Delubrum Reginae or didn’t want to spend any gold, you’ll be happy to know that Early to Rise can now be purchased from the resistance vendor in Zadnor, though it costs 5 gold and 30 platinum coins. The market price for this coveted style is sure to drop just in time for the Two Worlds. So much for modern aesthetics – both ways in FFXIV Patch 5.55. Also check out our other Final Fantasy XIVguides!In the North American and European territories, Square Enix announced that the next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV will be 5.55. The update will add two new dungeons: the Theatre of the Unspoken, which is a step up from the Fields of Glory, and Palace of the Dead, which will be a new hardcore challenge. The new dungeon will also enhance the aesthetics of the game with modern graphics and sounds. The publisher is planning to release the update on January 30, 2016.. Read more about modern aesthetics – great lengths and let us know what you think.

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