In Far Cry 6, you can paint the town statues. These are found all over Hope County and each one is worth a different amount of points. This guide will tell you where to find all 12 locations.

The far cry 6 paint the town map is a guide that details where to find all 12 locations in Far Cry 6.

Yaran Stories are a series of side quests available in Far Cry 6. Paint the Town is one of the Yaran Stories, and it requires you to locate and deface 12 monuments around Esperanza. Completing this side objective will enable you to enlist Zenia as a Bandido Leader, although tracking out all of their places is a headache. 

Paint the Town, like objectives that require you to demolish a specific amount of billboards in an area, doesn’t inform you where the sculptures in Esperanza are. They’re not marked on your map, and although a quest marker pinpoints their position, it only shows once you’re within 30 meters of them. 

Driving about Esperanza is difficult at best, and racing around to locate these effigies may take a long time due to the city’s dense population of troops and elites. This map will show you where the statues are located. Starting on the exterior, we’ll make our way inside.

Statue 1



The first monument is in the center of the roundabout on the main route into Esperanza from El Presidente Square, just southeast of the Mercurio Mecanico guerrilla stronghold. 

Statue 2



Continue east on the main road toward Santa Leticia Square (on the outskirts of Esperanza). As you go, you’ll pass by two major roads on the right. Continue beyond them and turn right onto the third main road (the distance between the first two roads and this third one is approximately 300 meters). 

A tiny square with a blue, green, and yellow structure will be located at the junction. In the tiny square, the statue will be in front of that building. 

Statue 3



The next statue is at Santa Leticia Square, which is located along the same route. The second one is approximately 465 meters away, and it’s directly next to a Gran Premio Race marker.

Statue 4



Continue on the same route to Iselda Park, which is immediately after the road’s limited section. The square is around 360 meters from Santa Leticia Square’s final one. This monument is located in the heart of the park and is difficult to miss. In this location, be cautious of the guard and his dog. 

Statue 5



This one is at the stone pier/blockade about northeast of Paraiso Coast Square on the north/northeast side of Esperanza. It’s also off the major road that circles Esperanza’s outskirts, across the street from a petrol station.

Statue 6



Continue along this same road for approximately 370 meters after crossing the bridge near the last monument. Beyond the limited area checkpoint, you’ll pass through another restricted area on the road and come to a tiny, triangular grassy space with red rose bushes right in front of you. The statue will be placed in the center. 

Statue 7



Continue for another 600 meters along this same route. On the western side of Hotel Paraiso, you’re heading to a little memorial area with orange-flowering trees. If you’re looking south/southwest, the statue is on the left side of the major road. 

Statue 8



Now go approximately 525 meters south. Off the main road, turn east onto the street that runs perpendicular to it. Continue along the corridor until you reach a tiny concrete memorial location beside a red zone E1 blockade gate.

As another reference point, this location is approximately 150 meters west of the Mercurio Mecanico guerrilla stronghold. 

Statue 9



Continue east on the same route beyond the Mercurio Mecanico hideaway. After the hideaway, take the first road left (north) and pass through the E1 checkpoint. Continue around the bend and past the next checkpoint. You’ll find yourself in a vast, open space. Turn right at the far rear to locate the monument marked with an alarm.

Statue 10



Now head northwest to Los Reyes Plaza and quick travel to Santa Leticia Square. The monument is guarded by many troops and at least one elite with a dog on the right side of the plaza.

Statue 11



From Los Reyes Plaza, continue north on the alleys to Cartagena Park. The monument is located in the park’s center and is difficult to miss. However, the route is littered with adversaries, making this one of the most challenging monuments to deface. 

Statue 12



Follow the alleys north to Palmera Promenade once again. The statue stands in front of the Zona E3 entrance and barrier, just east of the marker. 

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You now know where to look for all of the sculptures and their placements in Far Cry 6’s Paint the Town sidequest. Recruiting Zenia as a Bandido Leader after completing this Yaran Story will provide you access to additional Bandido Operations, as well as extra pesos and crafting materials. Check out the links above for additional tips, techniques, and walkthroughs, or go to our more extensive guides collection.

The far cry 6 paint the town not showing up is a problem that has been present for a while. Ubisoft has released an update to fix the issue.

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