When the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA title in franchise history, the people of Toronto rejoiced. The city was ecstatic to see a team with no championships ever be able to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy. However, there is a lot more to the story than just the Raptors’ first championship.

It is impossible to ignore one of the biggest sports stories of the year for people who have at least a casual interest in sports. The story of the underdog Buffalo Bills and Kyrie Irving and their surprising run to the Super Bowl is a story that couldn’t be told in any other way. It is the perfect example of the underdog spirit and how it can lead to a chance to win and to be the best in the world.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is now in the history books, and while most of the attention has been on Germany’s big win over Argentina, there was a much bigger upset in the tournament’s opening game. The Czech Republic faced off against the defending champions Spain, and while many people expected the Spanish to put up a much tougher fight, the Czechs shocked the soccer world by winning the game by a score of 3-0.

Nothing makes us happier than a good underdog story. Whether they’re fictional, like Rudy or the Hoosiers, or very real, like the USA hockey team’s Miracle on Ice, they fuel our love of sports and help us believe that sometimes, just sometimes, the little guy really can win. In that sense, there is an underdog story that trumps all others. It was so unlikely that if a movie had been made about it, it would have been condemned as unrealistic. And it all happened in the 2015/2016 season of the English Premier League.

Paradise for the rich

With no salary cap, no selection criteria and minimal revenue sharing between teams, the Premier League system is entirely in favour of the Championship Whales. The richest teams – Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City – always win. Explain the greatest underdog story in sports history. word-image-16486 From the league’s inception in 1992 to Leicester’s historic victory in 2016, only five clubs have won the UK’s most prestigious football title. If you leave out the outsider, Blackburn Rovers, that leaves four teams. This means that only four teams have won the title in 24 years. Only Manchester United has won 13 times in that period. And then Lester came along. In 2009 they played in the third division of English football. After promotion to League One, they fought relegation to League Two for months and narrowly escaped it in 2015.

Ratio of 5,000 to 1

It certainly wasn’t a new club. Leicester City Football Club was founded in 1884, 134 years ago. But she had a long and colorful history of failures. Before the start of the 2016 season, their odds of winning the Premier League were estimated by bookmakers at 5,000 to 1. Let it soak in for a while. 5,000 к 1. Simon Cowell of The X Factor has a one in five chance of becoming the next British Prime Minister. The odds of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner admitting he has never been intimate with a woman are 1,000 to 1, or five times the odds of Leicester City staying the whole season. When Riyad Mahrez, the former star striker and one of the league’s star holders, was courted by France’s Le Havre, he admitted he thought Leicester were a rugby club. But with two games left in the 2016 season, Leicester have already won the first Major League title in the club’s history. Explain the greatest underdog story in sports history. word-image-16487

How the Browns won the Super Bowl

It’s very difficult to compare things from different sports. Longtime American sports fans may remember the Minnesota Twins, who won the World Series from down in the American League in 1991. Or even the St. Petersburgs. How about the St. Louis Rams, who finished last in their division in 1998 but won the Super Bowl the following year? While these changes are impressive, they were made by teams with championship pedigrees. Imagine the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Leicester winning the Premier League is even luckier.

How did they do it?

How did this happen? How did a small club from a town of only 329,839 people (comparable to Wichita, Kansas) manage to not only compete with the big boys of English football, but to beat them and take their money away by beating teams worth 14 times as much? Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri then gave a very clear answer. This is a small club showing the world what can be achieved through courage and determination, he wrote. Twenty-six players. Twenty-six different brains. But a heart. The same Ranieri became a folk hero in the city, but before he was hired, he coached the Greek national football team ….. in a match they lost to the Faroe Islands. Inspiring acquisitions – such as the aforementioned Mahrez and Can player N’Golo Kante – have certainly helped. The club’s top scorer, Jamie Vardy, played for a non-league club called Fleetwood Town F.C. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of him. Many British people don’t know this either. Explain the greatest underdog story in sports history. word-image-16488 The top five Premier League clubs – as mentioned above – have all had disappointing years, and miraculously at the same time. Luck was also on Leicester’s side as they won seven times 1-0, the most in the league this year. There was no pressure on them.

All because of Richard III

Of course, everyone in Leicester knows the real answer. The year before his coronation, Richard III’s body was exhumed in a Leicester parking lot and brought to the city’s cathedral. It’s important to finish the story, Ranieri said, like an American movie. And they did. Blessings from the King of England, mistakes from the giants in the league or just plain luck – we’ll probably never see another Leicester, and how they managed it the first time around will probably remain a mystery forever.For fans of the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland Athletics, and even the Houston Astros, the 2004 World Series was one of the most memorable series in sports history. After the Detroit Tigers took a 2-0 lead in the series, the Giants and Tigers tied the series at four games apiece, with the series heading back to Detroit. The Giants won the next two games to take the series, and went on to win the World Series.. Read more about underdog stories in real life and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the greatest underdog story?

It’s intriguing to consider how many sporting events have gone down in the most unlikely of fashions, with an underdog hero emerging to defy the odds and topple a favorite to win the biggest prize. In the 2014 NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs were up 2-0 over the Miami Heat. The Spurs were the top seed and the Heat were the heavy underdogs, but the Spurs were not invincible. They had one weakness: point guards Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli. Neither was a superstar, and they were in the twilight of their careers. Yet, the Spurs went on to win the NBA Championship in Game 5 of the Finals. Who could have predicted that the last team to make the trek to the Super Bowl would be the underdogs? The Atlanta Falcons, for which NFL.com draft analyst Mike Mayock had just one first-round pick in the draft. When the draft began, Mayock predicted the Falcons to select just five of the first 110 picks, and only two of those would be in the first round. Mayock even predicted that none of the Falcons’ first five selections would be from the first round.

What is a sports underdog story?

It’s the story of a team that wasn’t supposed to win, but did. The story of a team that went up against all the odds and pulled it off. The story of a team that defied the odds and left its mark in sports history. And the story of a team that became a hero, hailed as a role model, and that every sports fan wants to be a part of. During the 2010 NCAA basketball championship, University of North Carolina Tar Heels, the #1 seed, defeated Duke University in a 71-65 victory for their first National Championship since 1993. Not only did the Tar Heels beat Duke, they did so without the services of their starting point guard, who was unable to play due to injury. The Tar Heels were also without their starting center and only 5-foot-9 shooter who was suspended due to academic ineligibility.

What sport has the most underdog wins?

In sports, there are some rare and special things that happen. When you play a sport, you can win or lose, and, depending on the sport, there can be a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Sports are full of surprise upsets. And, even though these upsets happen, there is still a small percentage of people who win despite coming from behind (or behind in the case of golf). These people are not the most talented, not the most athletic, not the best, not the best coaches, not the best equipment, not the best coaches, not the best equipment, and not the most money. They are just the underdog. As a sports fan, I love watching sports where the underdog prevails, such as when the New York Yankees won the first World Series over the Boston Red Sox in 1903, or the Boston Celtics won the NBA Finals over the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2008 finals. It is a popular piece of sports media to see the underdog prevail, since it shows that no matter how badly things appear to be going, they can still change for the better.

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