A new way of fishing has just been introduced in the game “Eiyuden Chronicle” and it’s an exciting addition to the fun that can be found on this free-to-play mobile RPG. If you haven’t yet, now is your chance!

The “eiyuden chronicle rising walkthrough” is a game that has been released recently. The game is free to play and offers players the opportunity to unlock fishing, which can then be used in other games.

In the Eiyuden Chronicle, there’s a fishing trip. It takes some effort and access to a new store to rise. You’ll have to go through the tale a little before the requisite town-building objective appears, but after that, it’s simply a question of chatting with some locals and handing over money till you obtain your fishing rod. This is how it goes.

In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, how do you unlock fishing?

The fishing rod may be purchased at the Tool Shop, but it won’t appear until you’ve completed the Profit Chasing town-building mission. This quest becomes available after you’ve completed the main quest Trouble at the Quarry and visited Second Street for the first time. 

Speak with Filipe on the right side of Second Street. He’d want some assistance finding out what type of store people would like him to open, so go around town and ask around. On Second Street, talk to Aki, Viti, and Olivier to gain their opinions on what the town needs. The huge blue icons with an arrow sign over their heads make them easy to detect.

Return to Filipe after that’s completed. He’ll construct and open the Tool Shop right away, selling a Level 2 pickaxe, a Level 1 trap, and a Level 1 fishing rod for the time being. 


In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, there are a few ways to catch fish.

You can only fish in particular regions, similar to trap sites. In the Great Forest, behind the tree boss, is one of the first fishing locations. To cast your line, go to the edge of the river and follow the directions. The notification instructs you to “click the button at the correct moment,” although there is no need to time anything. You’ll obtain your fish if you press the buttons in the sequence they appear.

That’s all you need to know about In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, how do you unlock fishing?, but make sure to check out our other Eiyuden Chronicle Rising guides for more tips and tricks, including how to save and how to get beast meat.

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