Dying Light 2 is a co-op game where players take on the role of an individual in pursuit of killing zombies to survive. But what makes it stand out from other games like DayZ and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Well, if you’re looking for something different than all the zombie death matches that have dominated Twitch, Dying Light 2 might be worth checking out.

Dying Light 2: How to Play Multiplayer Co-Op. The “dying light: how to play co op with friends” is a guide that will help you get started on playing the game’s multiplayer mode.

Dying Light 2: How to Play Multiplayer Co-Op

If video games have taught us anything, it’s that the zombie apocalypse is more enjoyable when shared with others. Dying Light 2 is no different. You cannot, however, join other players’ sessions at the beginning of the game. With that in mind, you may be curious as to how to play multiplayer co-op with your buddies.

This Dying Light 2 guide will inform you when multiplayer co-op will be available, as well as how to join or initiate sessions. If you’re like that kind of thing, there are two awards and accomplishments for playing alongside other survivors: That’s Teamwork and Being All Social (join a co-op session) (kill 100 enemies while playing with at least 2 other players).

How to Unlock Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Co-Op

You must complete the prologue in order to access Dying Light 2 co-op multiplayer. The narrative quests Pilgrim’s Path, Getting Stronger, and Markers of Plague are included. After finishing Markers of Plague, you’ll be able to explore Villedor’s open environment and play multiplayer co-op. There is no indication that it has been unlocked. 

How to Play Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Co-Op


After you’ve finished Markers of Plague, the first thing you’ll want to do is choose a Game Type. 

  • Dying Light 2 has been paused.
  • Choose your options.
  • Select the “Online” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Depending on your preferences, choose “Game Type” to Public, Private, or Friends Only. 

You won’t be able to use the Online Menu options like Quick Join or Find Games if your Game Type is set to Single Player. You won’t be able to call for assistance either. 

After you’ve chosen your Game Type, you may start a multiplayer co-op game in one of three ways:

  • Pause the game and pick “Online Menu” from the menu.
  • Activating the Player Menu by pressing the button to the left of “online menu” in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Calling for Help by tapping the indicated input in the lower left of the screen and bringing up the Player Menu (to the right of online menu).

The first two selections, of course, open the online menu, which is just another term for a lobby. You may join a Quick session, search for particular sessions based on area, quest, difficulty, and more, add players to your Favorites, view who is online, alter your online choices, and drop out of a session from this page.

How to Invite Friends to Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Co-Op


You may invite players to Villedor in a variety of ways. 

  • Using the dashboard or friends list on your platform.
  • Choose “Friends” from the Dying Light 2 Online Menu and then from the list that displays. When you hover your mouse over a friend’s screen name, the appropriate invite input will display in the bottom right corner of the card that appears.
  • By tapping the indicated input in the bottom right corner of the screen from the Dying Light 2 Online Menu; you must not be highlighting your own character for this option to show.

What is the maximum number of players that may join a single Multiplayer Co-Op Session?

In a single multiplayer session, up to four players may play Dying Light 2. These may be your friends, random people looking for games, or a mix of both, depending on how your multiplayer settings are set up. 

Each player is identified by a shield and letter emblem, and each has three revives at their disposal. 

What Does “Call for Assistance” Mean?


You may ask for assistance from the Online Menu or the Pause Menu. This sends out a Distress Call to other online players, inviting them to join your game. If your Game Type is set to Public, Private, or Friends Only, you may choose this option. 

You may also choose whether Dying Light 2 automatically sends out a distress beacon appeal for aid from time to time, often, or never under Online Options.

The only method to cancel or turn off a Distress Beacon request for assistance is to quit the game and return to the main menu. 

Finally, when playing Dying Light 2, you may receive distress calls from other players. These will show up in the upper right corner of the screen, along with a button to accept them. 

What Is the Multiplayer Progression in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 multiplayer, according to information published by developer Techland, has complete player advancement. That implies that the experience and stuff you earn in co-op carry over to single-player. 

Only the host, however, seems to be able to accomplish missions. That means you’ll have to complete The Raid narrative quest in your own game even if you finish it in someone else’s. 

Is Crossplay Multiplayer Available in Dying Light 2? 

Unfortunately, Techland announced before Dying Light 2’s release that the game does not support crossplay or cross-gen play in any way. Only pals on the same platform may be invited and played with. PS4 gamers, for example, are unable to join Xbox One or PS5 players. 

Techland has said that they want to introduce the feature at some point in the future. 

And with that, there’s everything you need to know about How to Play Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Co-Op. Now you can team up with other survivors to stay human in the infected streets of Villedor. For more tips, head over to our Dying Light 2 guides page here.

Dying Light 2: How to Play Multiplayer Co-Op. Dying Light is a game that has a lot of fun playing co-op with friends. Reference: dying light how to play co op reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play coop on Dying Light 2?

A: In order to play with a partner, you need to be playing as the same character. After doing so, choose online in the main menu and then select your partners name from that list.

Is Dying Light 2 multiplayer working?

A: Dying Light 2 is a single player only game. This was confirmed by the developers on twitter, @WarnerBrosUK.

Can I play Dying Light 2 with friends?

A: Dying Light 2 is a single player game with no multiplayer mode.

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