Dwyane Wade is undoubtedly one of the great shooting guards in NBA history. He was a four-time All-Star and led Miami Heat to two championships as well as many other accolades. However, he does not seem to be anywhere near where Michael Jordan ranks on his list of all-time greats.

Dwyane Wade is considered by many to be one of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history. He has won three titles and been selected to six All-Star games. But where does he rank among all-time greats? Read more in detail here: best sg in nba.

Being a Wade, Dwyane fan has never been difficult.

During his 16-year NBA career, the future Hall of Famer played for the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers, but his time with the Miami Heat will always be remembered. And what a fun it was at South Beach for the Chicago native.

Wade was a 13-time NBA All-Star, an eight-time All-NBA pick, a three-time All-Defensive selection, and a one-time scoring champion in 15 seasons with the Heat. Of course, we must not overlook the three NBA championships and the NBA Finals MVP award.

And he always seemed to do things correctly. On the court, he was a tremendous teammate and leader, and off the court, he was a cornerstone of many communities.

He’s had a very impressive résumé, and it was that resume that D-Wade was discussing lately when it came to his overall legacy.

When asked about his position among the all-time best NBA shooting guards, Wade, Dwyane thinks his career speaks for itself.

Wade, Dwyane during his jersey retirement ceremony with the Miami Heat

Wade, Dwyane during his jersey retirement ceremony with the Miami Heat Wade, Dwyane speaks to the audience at American Airlines Arena during his jersey retirement ceremony | Getty Images/Michael Reaves

Wade, who is now a part-owner of the Utah Jazz, was questioned about his playing career and if he cared where he stood among the all-time best NBA shooting guards in a recent interview with Complex. And, considering how he’s conducted himself over the years, his response shouldn’t be surprising.

“I don’t give a damn.” I put my résumé out there and let it do the talking for me. I’m at a loss on what to do with my basketball CV. 

“I prefer to think of it this way: when it comes to the greats or the GOAT debate, our brains are wired to view just ‘one’ person in these roles. We see one Michael Jordan, and that’s our GOAT because that’s the era we grew up in – but then there’s Kobe Bryant at the same position, who could very well be a GOAT in his own right, but he’s far behind Michael Jordan in many people’s eyes – and then there’s the next guy, and the next guy, and so on. It’s a huge list of men to discuss.

“It would never have been what it was if I had worried about man’s approval to get me through or make me feel good about my work.” History bears witness to this. I’m in the past. You can’t speak about basketball without discussing me, and you can’t discuss winning without mentioning me. I did my part and let my credentials speak for themselves.”

Wade, Dwyane

“You can’t talk about basketball without talking about me.” What a fantastic way to say it. Wade is completely correct.

Wade’s career statistics are excellent.

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Okay, so his total stats don’t quite equal those of Jordan and Kobe, but those two players are just on another level. Wade’s stats, on the other hand, are pretty amazing, which is why he was named to the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team.

D-Wade finished his NBA career with 23,165 points in 1,054 regular-season games, enough for 32nd all-time. His scoring average of 21.98 points per game ranks 36th in the league. In the playoffs, the Marquette product added another 3,954 points, putting him in 12th place all-time.

His postseason average of 22.34 points per game ranks 45th, although many of the players ahead of him haven’t played nearly as many games. During his career, Wade participated in 177 postseason games. In that category, he’s tied for 19th place, one rank below Jordan.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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