It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere and it is a time when we start to crave warm things. In this episode of Dune Spice Wars, Mason gets an idea on how he can earn more spice and solari money by creating his own spice mix!

Dune: Spice Wars is a strategy game that was released on September 3rd, 2016. The game has been gaining popularity since its release and has now become one of the most popular games on Steam.

Dune Spice Wars is a large 4X strategy game in which you must conquer Arrakis’ parched dunes, and to do so, you’ll need Spice and Solari money. Resources are critical to your growth, and as the game’s name suggests, Spice is at the center of it all.

If you’re serious about winning the Dune Spice Wars, you’ll need to know how to get the most out of your Spice harvesting, which leads to more Solari money. Because the game is still in Early Access, these hints may change over time. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Spice Harvesting in Dune Spice Wars

Harvesting Spice is simple: just take over a town with Spice nearby and construct a Spice Harvester to collect it. If you play as the Fremen, you will immediately gather the resource and will not have to worry about Sandworms. If you’re playing as one of the other factions, though, you should set your harvester to auto-recall so that it will return if a sandworm emerges. 

By investing 50 Manpower right now, you may allocate one crew member to each harvester. Your harvester will consume more Spice each day as a result of this. All crew positions on all of your harvesters should be occupied at all times, according to a decent rule of thumb.

Invest in research in the orange category, which is linked to Economy, to boost your harvesting rate — and crew slots. You should instantly invest in “Arrakis Secrets” after investing in the first study, “Composite Materials.”

The Spice Silos building may be unlocked using Arrakis Secrets. Placing this structure in an area enhances the region’s harvest by 20%, and it may also influence up to one adjacent region. The other two studies in that line are also worthwhile, since they allow you to allocate additional crew members and raise your harvesting rate by another 10%. 

After that, keep an eye on the scouts with your Ornithopters if you want to harvest a little extra Spice. As the Ornithopters investigate, various symbols appear on your map, and Crashed Shuttles always include some form of resource to collect. This may be Solari, Spice, or Plastcrete, and you can collect it by sending an Ornithoper to any Crashed Shuttle on the globe. 

Finally, certain Sietches may exchange Spice for water, so see what they’re offering if you come across any. Of course, if you’re desperate for the resource to meet the Spice Tax, you may always try trading with the other factions. 

The Spice Slider in Action


It’s crucial to understand how the Spice slider (the yellow and purple bar in the top left of the screen) works before going through a few methods to obtain more Solari money. You may move this slider farther yellow or purple at any moment, determining what you do with your Spice harvest.

  • Having more on the yellow side implies you’ll sell to Choam more often, resulting in more Solari.
  • If the bar is more purple, you’re putting more into your stockpile, which may be exchanged and used for the Spice Tax.

You should modify the slider to match your demands on a regular basis, and it’s typically a good idea to sell more Spice while you have a lot of time before the tax deadline, then put more purple in when you are halfway through. 

How to Increase Your Solari Funds

Aside from selling Spice, there are a few more options for earning Solari. The best method is to take over settlements in Rare Mineral-rich areas. The Processing Plant may be unlocked by studying “Structured Warehouses” under the orange research tab. Building one of these in a Rare Minerals-rich location will get you +30 Solari. 

You may send Agents to infiltrate Choam under the Espionage tab, and each one will provide you +5 Solari revenue. You may also build the Choam Branch in your capital if you reach 10,000 Hegemony, which will increase the revenue of Agents allocated to Choam by 30%. 

Finally, you may look for more Solari at Crashed Shuttles or trade with other factions, just like you do with Spice. 

That’s all there is to it when it comes to generating additional Spice and Solari money in Dune Spice Wars. Check out our Dune Spice Wars website for additional information and tutorials.

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