“Digimon Survive” is now coming to Switch on July 26. The game, which was originally announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive will be making its way to the Nintendo system alongside other platforms later this year.

The “digimon survive release date” is a rumor that was released on the internet. The rumor said that the game would be releasing in July of 2019, but it has been confirmed to be wrong.

Digimon Survive Release Date



Nearly four years ago, Digimon Survive was revealed. During that time, the game has been delayed many times, some due to production issues and others because to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans of the popular digital monsters from the late 1990s, on the other hand, may finally rejoice. On July 29, 2022, Digimon Survive will be released. 

Producer Kazumasa Habu revealed the release date in a brief update video posted on YouTube and Twitter. Habu claims that the date has been “set,” so perhaps there will be no more delays. 

Hello, my name is Kazumasa Habu, and I’m the director of Digimon Survive. Sorry for keeping you waiting for Digimon Survive news. But now I have some wonderful news for you: the release date for Digimon Survive has officially been set for July 29, 2022!

The Digimon Survive team is working on bringing you more interesting news in many sources. Please keep an eye out for it and stay tuned. We’re almost there!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= q KGjmtoXQ

New screenshots of Digimon Survive were published on the Digimon Games Twitter account to coincide with the release date announcement. Agumon, Greymon, and Dokugumon, as well as Aoi, Saki, and Takuma, have screens.

We’ve made it official. Announced earlier today, #DigimonSurvive will be arriving on July 29, 2022!

Find out what adventure awaits you… Sign up for updates now: https://t.co/Ese9Vcg2T7 pic.twitter.com/M8kXtdICIm

— Digimon Games (@digimon_games) April 20, 2022

Digimon Survive is a hybrid of an adventure game, a visual novel, and a tactical role-playing game. Habu and the production team have always emphasized that the game would have a lot of drama (after all, it’s about high schoolers) and tactical combat using the series’ most known gimmick: digivolution. 

Assistant producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki highlighted the many gameplay approaches and how they come together in Digimon Survive in a 2019 development diary. 

The drama portion is likewise very conventionally executed, with gameplay taking the shape of a text adventure. As the player progresses through this phase, they will encounter what we refer to as free actions. These free actions enable the player to pick where they want to travel in the other world, who they want to speak to, and what types of events they want to see happen, resulting in a typical adventure game with multiple branching pathways.  

The combat section of the game features tactical fights, and one of the most essential aspects is that the player’s actions during the drama section effect the battle’s conditions or modify its circumstances… 

Another important aspect of the fighting section is that the monsters develop during the fights itself… while controlling their Digimon in a fight, the player may use energy to evolve their Digimon.

These Digimon Survive mechanisms are seen in action in a new teaser video. Miu Shinonome and Syakomon, Kaito Shinonome and Dracmon, Shuuji Kayama and Lopmon, and Saki Kimijuma and Floramon have all received spotlights throughout the years, giving fans additional information on the game’s main characters and Digimon. 

Digimon Survive will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and other notable RPGs. 

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