Diablo Immortal is a new game from Blizzard Entertainment and it’s coming soon. It takes place in the world of Sanctuary with familiar characters, enemies, and environments from past Diablo games and more importantly: higher resolution graphics. You can up your mobile screen resolutions to support DII but if you’re playing on PC you’ll have to wait for patches or use external software like DeFRender .

The “diablo immortal resolution” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is yes, it can be changed on PC. However, it cannot be changed on mobile.



Despite being initially intended for mobile devices, Diablo Immortal is now playable on PC thanks to Blizzard. Whether you’re playing the game on a desktop, you may be wondering if it’s possible to alter the screen resolution there in a similar way. Changing your screen resolution on a mobile device is a rather simple process, and we’ll show you how to accomplish it below. 

Unfortunately, Diablo Immortal’s PC version does not include a resolution-changing option. According to a source, Blizzard has set the PC version of the game at 1080p by default, and at the time, there are no known ways to modify this.

Naturally, you have more choices to modify your FPS cap or V-Sync than in the mobile version, but the “Quality Selection” option in the Image Accuracy menu is the closest thing to screen resolution you can find on the PC edition.

Although there hasn’t been a formal statement, it’s probable that Blizzard may include the screen resolution choices menu in future updates for the PC edition. With that background in mind, this article will describe how to adjust Diablo Immortal’s mobile resolution. 

How to Modify Diablo Immortal’s Resolution on a Mobile Device

Diablo Immortal currently only has a mobile version that offers the native ability to modify the screen resolution.

To change your resolution while playing Diablo Immortal on a mobile device, follow these instructions:

  1. Activate the “Settings” menu.
  2. Decide on the “Graphics” option.
  3. Look under “Image Accuracy.”
  4. Choose one of the three resolution options available:

That is all there is to know about changing the screen resolution in Diablo Immortal for both PC and mobile devices. If the same or comparable settings ever become accessible to desktop gamers, we’ll update this article. 

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