For those old enough to remember, Michael Jordan was once known as a baseball player who got too big for his own good. The “Michael Jordan” nickname was given to him because of his dominance on the court. However, it wasn’t until recently that the world has seen Michael Jordan on the big screen. Now, Michael Jordan is making his way to television screens.

Derek Jeter is getting the Michael Jordan treatment. With an upcoming docuseries produced by Spike Lee scheduled to debut on FS1, the Yankees legend will be the subject of a series of shows that will likely focus on his storied career, both on the field and in the front office.

Lebron James has already sold out Madison Square Garden twice, and now the city of New York is getting even more love: it’s getting the Michael Jordan treatment. Spike Lee will direct and produce a documentary on Derek Jeter, the New York Yankees legend and one of the greatest ball players of all time.

In the spring of 2020, ESPN shocked the world with the release of Last Dance , a series about the incredible career of Michael Jordan. For Bulls fans, it was incredible. They could travel through time by listening to the man himself. A similar series is being produced by the brilliant director Spike Lee: a series about former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Here’s how Lee plans to honor Jeter in this show, and what viewers can expect.

Why Last Dance did so well

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and former NBA player Michael Jordan in 2014 | Rob Tringali/MLB via Getty Images

The narrative structure of Last Dance was simple: Tell the story of Jordan’s NBA career through the lens of his final season, which was full of turmoil for the Chicago Bulls. Since Jordan’s return from baseball, the franchise has won two consecutive championships. General manager Jerry Krause tried to break up the team and start over by telling head coach Phil Jackson he would not be back. If Krause is a bit of a rogue, you could argue that the Bulls are at the bottom of their roster anyway.

The series alternates between highlights and interviews and includes many details and insights from Jordan. For 90s basketball fans, it was the perfect nostalgic series to distract from the coronavirus pandemic. For the youngest, it was a real history lesson showing them the greatness of Jordan.

Jeter may not have had the same impact on baseball that Jordan had on basketball. But there is no doubt that a documentary about him will generate a lot of interest.

Derek Jeter’s impact on New York and baseball

ESPN has announced that a six-part series about Derek Jeter will be released in 2022 called Captain!

Spike Lee is an executive producer, and the producers of Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance are also part of the team

– Talkin’ Yanks (@TalkinYanks) May 18, 2021

ESPN has announced a new series in the style of The Last Dance. The film will be titled The Captain and will focus on Jeter’s life and career, coinciding with his induction into the Hall of Fame this summer.

There will be plenty to talk about. Jeter joined the Yankees as a starting shortstop in 1996 after having a cup of coffee at the major league level in 1995. It almost immediately entered the public domain. The Yankees were originally going to use Tony Fernandez at shortstop, but he was moved to the lineup due to an injury sustained in spring training. He never looked back. Jeter became Rookie of the Year that year. Over time, he progressed through the Yankees’ lineup and became one of their best hitters.

Jeter finished his career with five championship titles (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2009). He has played with Yankees legends of the past, such as Bernie Williams and Paul O’Neal, as well as more modern stars like KC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira. He retired in 2014 with over 3,000 hits. His candidacy for the Hall of Fame was all but assured.

Jeter has played in so many playoffs and World Series games that there is more than enough material to consider. Baseball fans will hear from greats like Joe Torre, Andy Pettitte, Brian Cashman and Mariano Rivera. Who else would be a good candidate for a docu-series?

Other possible candidates for a documentary series in the style of Last Dance


Jordan and Jeter are obvious candidates you’ll hear about in a long story. But what other athletes will be treated the same way in the coming years?

The first and most obvious choice is Kobe Bryant. The former Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Fame star was tragically killed in a helicopter accident last January. After Jordan, he would be one of the most interesting basketball stars to watch.

Another star likely to play a role is Tom Brady. Not only did he win seven Super Bowls, but he played until he was forty years old. It’s a story many sports fans would love to hear.

While gimmicks about Kobe and Brady would undoubtedly be interesting, fans will have to settle for documentaries about Jeter and Jordan for now.

MESSAGE: The 10 most memorable moments of Derek Jeter’s career

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