Deion Sanders is a legend, but he is also one who has always been able to see farther into the future than others. He is the greatest Wide Receiver of all time and he is also one who has always been able to see into the future of the NFL.

Deion Sanders was a whole lot of things to a whole lot of people throughout his career, but he was always a great football player. And this week he was a whole lot of things to a whole lot of people again, as the former all-pro running back appeared on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss the future of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the state of the NFL, and his own future as a football analyst.

Deion Sanders has officially joined Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer’s band.

Sanders, a legendary NFL quarterback and current head football coach at Jackson State, doesn’t seem like the type to expect the Jaguars to beat Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in Super Bowl 56. But he has high hopes for one of the oldest franchises in the NFL.

Sanders thinks Meyer will be the winner in Jacksonville

NFL legend Deion Sanders (R) says he expects big things from Trevor Lawrence, Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars| Sam Greenwood/Getty Images; James Gilbert/Getty Images; Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Sanders never held back or censored himself, whether it was about religion or bathroom etiquette.

According to 247 Sports, Sanders recently spoke about the Jaguars during an appearance on NFL Network. The Pro Football Hall of Fame member expressed optimism about Meyer, the longtime college coach who called Sanders a winner.

I love the staff he has put together. I know what kind of ball he’s going to play. They did very well in the draft. We’ll see if it pays off.

Deion Sanders

Although Meyer won three national championships as a college head coach, he never worked for an NFL team before leading the Jaguars. Sanders cautioned against those who expect Meyer to immediately start winning and dominating like he did at Ohio State.

He’s gonna have some problems. … But he has a chance, Sanders said of Meyer.

Sanders also happy to see Lawrence as quarterback

Sanders has won two NFL Super Bowl rings and has often played on the league’s best teams, including his time with the Dallas Cowboys.

But before that, he played on a Falcons team that went 8-24 in its first two seasons. The former Florida State All-American linebacker has suffered losses almost every week.

It’s a reality that Lawrence, who went 34-2 as the Clemson Tigers’ starting quarterback in 2018-20, may have to face early in his NFL career. Sanders pointed this out during his appearance on NFL Network.

I just want to see a young man deal with adversity, Sanders said. I don’t think he’s ever had any problems. And I guarantee you he’s going to have a bad time in Jacksonville.

Jaguars could be one of the most intriguing teams in the NFL in 2021

Sanders has made it clear that he will turn his attention to the Jaguars in 2021, and he probably won’t be the only one.

The idea that an NFL team can go from worst to first, especially with a high-profile quarterback like Lawrence, is always intriguing. All eyes will certainly be on Meyer as he moves from the broadcast booth and a successful college coaching career to the NFL.

The Lawrence and Meyer era will officially begin when the Jaguars play on Sunday the 12th. September, against the Houston Texans. If Deshaun Watson doesn’t play for the Texans that day, the Jaguars might be able to start this new chapter with a win.

It’s too early to consider the Jaguars a playoff team, even after the NFL increased the number of teams in each conference to seven last season. But with Lawrence and Meyer in the lineup, the Jaguars might win six or seven and put on an interesting show.

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