The NFL is a business, and the game of football has been taken over by “entertainers.” It’s not just NFL players anymore — it’s their PR agents, managers and hangers-on. When they’re down on the field losing in big games to lesser opponents, those same people can be found standing with fans (and even throwing trash at officials).

Dak Prescott is a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He was recently in an altercation with fans and threw trash at officials. The fans threw trash back at him, which led to him praising the fans for doing so. Read more in detail here: dak prescott twitter.

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys Should Take a Look In The Mirror Instead of Praising Fans for Throwing Trash at Officials

When things haven’t gone their way this season, the Dallas Cowboys haven’t been shy in criticizing the referees. That’s how they’ll finish this season, too, albeit quarterback Dak Prescott displayed a side of himself that we’re not accustomed to seeing in his displeasure.

Fans were enraged at the team’s 23-17 loss against the San Francisco 49ers, and they took it out on the officials. The authorities were showered with rubbish as they raced into the tunnel.

The fans, according to Prescott, deserve credit for the show, but how much credit do the Cowboys deserve?

The officials did not cause Dallas to lose. Prescott and the Cowboys will be better off if they find it out sooner rather than later.

After a disheartening defeat to the 49ers, Dak Prescott displayed a different side of his personality.

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys The Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott (4th) walks off the field after a 23-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Wild Card Playoff | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Nobody enjoys losing, and this is particularly true when there are great expectations. This season, the Cowboys were in that situation. Dallas entered the playoffs with a 12-5 record and the NFC East title. They possessed one of the most skilled rosters from top to bottom and had serious Super Bowl aspirations.

On Super Wild Card Weekend, the Cowboys, who were a strong favorite versus the visiting 49ers, buckled under the weight of their expectations. 

After the game, Prescott was confronted with a question about supporters tossing debris down the tunnel. He didn’t see it happen and believed the supporters were expressing their unhappiness with the Cowboys, which is an interesting insight into his thoughts on the team’s performance. 

“That’s a pity. I mean, you’re talking about a group of guys that come out here every day of their life to give all they have to this sport, to this game of football. According to Pro Football Talk, Prescott said, “No one wants to succeed more than we do.” “I know what fans are and what the term fanatic means. That is something I understand. To be aware of what we put into this on a daily basis, and to give it our all. Nobody enters the game with the intention of losing. It’s difficult to see people respond like that when you’re meant to be a supporter and be with us through thick and thin.”

According to what they had heard, the supporters were really throwing garbage towards the refs, not the Cowboys, as a reporter emphasized. Prescott, for whatever reason, has entirely altered his tune. 

“Then credit to them.” Yes, they deserve credit. Credit. “They deserve credit,” he remarked.

When asked whether he intended to offer credit to his supporters for tossing the garbage, Prescott answered, “If they weren’t at us, and if the fans felt the same way as us, and that’s what they were doing it for, sure.” “I’m thinking that’s why the referees bolted out of there so quickly.” Yes, I believe everyone is dissatisfied with the outcome of this situation. As I already said, I’m confident a fan feels the same way we do.”

On Super Wild Card Weekend, the Dallas Cowboys earned their penalty.

After the defeat, blaming the refs is a bad look for the Cowboys, particularly when you consider how often Dallas was its own worst enemy.

It wasn’t the officials who enabled the 49ers to take a 13-0 lead so quickly. Dallas’ defense, which came into the playoffs as a powerful and dynamic squad, hardly showed any fangs against the 49ers.

It wasn’t only the officials who squandered many chances for San Francisco.

In the third quarter, the Cowboys were called for roughing the kicker, which transformed a punt into a first down. They were unable to capitalize on their second opportunity and were forced to punt a few plays later.

In an even more severe example, the last drive will be remembered, but Dallas had the ball with considerably more time on the clock the drive before and had a chance to win the game. The Cowboys could only generate a turnover on downs and were fortunate to get the ball back for one more chance.

Yes, the Cowboys were penalized several times. They were penalized 14 times for a total of 89 yards in penalties. For the purpose of comparison, the 49ers were penalized nine times, so it’s not like the officials were just flagging one team.

Dallas, on the other hand, earned their penalties. On offense, there were repeated false starts and holding penalties, as well as an illegal shift and game delay. These punishments aren’t made up by officials. They were plain to see. The Cowboys were called for expensive unlawful use of hands penalties and defensive holding penalties on defense. Randy Gregory, the defensive end, was singled out for three infractions on his own. 

The Cowboys played sloppily again, which has been a problem for them all season. The calls against Dallas were not invalid just because the lack of discipline was revealed in the playoffs.

Even the game’s last play, in which the umpire collided with Prescott as the Cowboys attempted to spike the ball, was ultimately Dallas’ fault. Prescott should’ve realized he couldn’t give the ball to his center and run the play. According to procedure, he needed to throw the ball to the umpire (who was following the play) so that it could be properly identified and the next play could be run.

Prescott’s failure to immediately deliver the ball to the umpire resulted in the collision, which lost the Cowboys valuable seconds and forced the time to run out before they could take one more shot in the end zone. 

Dallas’ defeat was barely due to officiating.

Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys vs. the San Francisco 49ers

Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys vs. the San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott #4 in action during the second half of the NFC Wild Card Playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Aside from the yellow hankies, there were a slew of additional reasons Dallas lost the game. 

Prescott was, to put it mildly, uninspiring. He threw for 254 yards, one touchdown, and an interception on 23 of 43 passes. The interception came on a badly thrown pass deep in his own zone, and all Deebo Samuel needed was one run to put San Francisco in the lead on the following play.

For the Cowboys, Ezekiel Eliott was also unproductive. He carried the ball 12 times for 31 yards, averaging 2.6 yards per carry. 

Dallas had no answer for rookie running back Elijah Mitchell or Samuel on the opposite side of the ball. San Francisco’s usually potent rushing offense delivered once again. Mitchell carried for 96 yards and a score on 27 carries. Samuel rushed for 72 yards and a rushing score on ten carries.

The Cowboys were defeated, to put it bluntly. They may have been the superior squad on paper, but they disappointed in the most important game of their season.

Prescott, to his credit, did confess as much.

“We obviously fell short. And it’s a pain. According to ESPN, he said, “Point blank.” 

Prescott is getting a hard look in the mirror, and the Cowboys will have to deal with it for the remainder of the summer. It won’t be simple, but it’ll be much more beneficial to Dallas than criticizing the referees.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. 

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The “dallas cowboys rumors” is a controversial topic. Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys should take a look in the mirror instead of praising fans for throwing trash at officials.

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