In a recent interview, Cincinnati Reds President Phil Castellini made some outrageous comments about the fans of his team. With such high tickets prices and low attendance numbers, it is no wonder why he thinks this way. However, there are other ways to repel bad publicity without insulting your customers in public!

The “phil castellini wife” is a comment that Cincinnati Reds President Phil Castellini made to the Cincinnati fans. The comment was met with outrage by many and has been ridiculed on Twitter.

Cincinnati Reds President Phil Castellini Insults Cincy Fans With Outrageous Comments

The Cincinnati Reds are a farce, to put it mildly.

The Reds look to be in rebuilding mode once again after attempting to win half-heartedly over the last two seasons. It’s become second nature to their admirers. For the last 25 seasons, the organization has fielded one of MLB’s poorest teams practically every year.

However, Cincinnati’s ownership either does not trust that its supporters are intelligent enough to sort things out on their own, or that everyone has just forgotten about the previous two decades of their life.

The Reds are awful, but the front management wants people to think they’re terrific.

The Cincinnati Reds have once again devolved into garbage.

Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the Reds’ highest-paid players after the team’s recent offseason changes.

Deferrals ($3.59 million) are still being paid by Cincinnati until 2024, as part of a 9-year, $112.5 million deal signed in 2000.

He hasn’t played for the Reds since 2008.

— The Athletic (@TheAthletic) March 15, 2022

The Reds have lost six consecutive seasons prior to the 2020 MLB season. Since 1995, they had only reached the playoffs three times and had not won a postseason series since that year.

Cincinnati, on the other hand, spent some money coming into the 2020 season for the first time in what felt like decades. Mike Moustakas, Nick Castellanos, and Wade Miley were among the newcomers.

It culminated in a playoff berth during COVID-19’s truncated season, and it set the bar high for 2021.

The Reds didn’t make many changes to their roster before last season, but they still had a good team. It subsequently helped them win their second season since 2013, despite missing the playoffs by a whisker.

Cincinnati, on the other hand, has back to its losing ways this offseason.

It declined Miley’s option and instead dealt Tucker Barnhart to the Detroit Tigers, a two-time Gold Glove winner at catcher. Sonny Gray was subsequently traded to the Minnesota Twins, followed by All-Star outfielder Jesse Winker and former 49-home-run hitting Eugenio Suarez being sent to the Seattle Mariners. The Reds capped off their dumpster fire offseason by not re-signing All-Star slugger Nick Castellanos and allowed him to join with the Philadelphia Phillies.

So, after just two seasons, why did the squad give up on winning?

While the front staff continues to deny that the team is rebuilding, general manager Nick Krall said in November that “we’re matching our salary with our resources” (h/t

That they are just being stingy and refusing to compensate their stars. After a flurry of offseason trades, Ken Griffey Jr. became the team’s sixth-highest paid player.

With two statements, Phil Castellini offended Reds supporters.

The @Reds have tickets available still for Opening Day, something Phil Castellini said he doesn’t ever remember saying at this time of year. He says it’s due to the date change after the MLB lockout delayed the start of the season.

— WCPO 9 (@WCPO) March 30, 2022

Baseball is very important to the city of Cincinnati. The Reds were the original MLB club, and Opening Day is a national holiday in the United States.

Fans, on the other hand, can only take so much. Why would they want to continue investing time and energy in an organization that doesn’t care about winning or (more significantly) them after witnessing their team suck for over two decades?

As a result, tickets for the Reds’ home opener on April 12 are still available. However, Phil Castellini, the team’s president and the son of owner Bob Castellini, seems to be certain that it has nothing to do with the team’s dubious decisions.

“A lot of folks who had arrangements for tomorrow’s game couldn’t make it because of the date change,” he told WCPO. “We still have opening day tickets available, which I don’t believe I’ve ever said at this podium at this time of year.”

Is it just due to the date change? You’ve got it.

So, how do you feel about this scumbag of a roster?

“If you saw any spring training games, this is a terrific, exciting club,” Castellini told WCPO. “I believe you’ll see that play out on Opening Day and throughout the season.” “So have some trust in what we’re doing with your Cincinnati Reds,” he says.

The Reds and Phil Castellini should offer their supporters a bit more respect.

Cincinnati Reds president Phil Castellini in 2015.

Cincinnati Reds president Phil Castellini in 2015. On July 11, 2015, Cincinnati Reds Chief Operating Officer Phil Castellini speaks before the Budweiser All-Star Concert. | Getty Images/Preston Mack/MLB

There’s a lot to decipher in Castellini’s remarks.

First and foremost, the date change has nothing to do with (what is projected to be) low attendance for the home opener. If fans had a cause to be enthused about their team, they would go above and beyond to get to the stadium. To say otherwise would be a betrayal of the fan base’s devotion.

But, as absurd as that statement was, the second one was far worse.

Do you believe spring training games accurately predict how your season will unfold? The Reds were 16-19 in Spring Training in 2017, but went 68-94 in the regular season.

What has the front office ever done to gain the trust of its supporters?

In 2006, Bob Castellini became the team’s owner. The Reds have only had five winning seasons since then, four playoff appearances, and no postseason series victories.

But aren’t supporters meant to have faith in you?

The Cincinnati Reds used to be the gold standard in Major League Baseball. They were the first team in league history to win five World Series titles, two of which were with the Big Red Machine. 

They’re now simply perpetual losers who don’t give a damn about their supporters. If they don’t make a change soon, Opening Day attendance will continue to decline year after year.

Baseball Reference provided the statistics.

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Cincinnati Reds President Phil Castellini has made some outrageous comments to Cincinnati fans. He said that he didn’t want to be the guy who was “the face of failure” and that sports is a business. Reference: phil castellini cincinnati reds.

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