It’s time to return to the battlefield.

A new chapter has been written in the saga of medieval warfare. Those of you who know me personally know that I am a big fan of the first Chivalry game, and the sequel is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year for me.

The experience you have with a video game, like any other art form, should reflect the intentions of the artist. Some want to evoke wonder, others want to remind us of the sadness of human existence. Sometimes an artist has a heartbreaking story to tell, or wants to feed your competitive spirit. If Chivalry 2 is the art of entertainment, then developer Torn Banner Studios may have just created its opus. Chivalry 2 is a PVP-enabled medieval fighting game set against the backdrop of two pseudo-European nations at war. Up to 64 players battle in asymmetric, objective-based games with armies attacking and invading. Other than that, the multiplayer has basic elements like team deathmatch and free play – to each his own. There is an offline mode to train against bots and public or private custom servers. It’s all pretty reliable, and there are enough cards to keep the game from dragging on too long.

Overview of Chivalry 2: Triumph in the art of parsing

. The game somehow manages to walk the line between excellent controls and intentionally clunky melee combat. Weapons have a tangible gravity, and understanding the momentum of your strikes is paramount. You can hit back and get killed, but experienced players can block, dodge, counter and interrupt you if you give them the chance. Footwork, positioning and well-aimed strikes are essential to your success in the fight. Weapons that are even of the same type can completely change your game. Some weapons, like. B. Halberds and spears, move slowly, but have a significant range advantage over clubs. Others, like. B. Short swords are fast and best used at close range. Shields, bows, battle hammers and many other weapons provide plenty of options to keep the gameplay fresh. There are many different types of soldiers you can become. The four different classes are then subdivided into three subclasses each. Each weapon has a progression system based on experience and points, which allows you to unlock different weapons, all with different attributes that make them better or worse against certain enemies or situations.

An inelegant weapon for a less civilised age

word-image-10179 The levels are littered with objects that you can interact with. You can set up catapults, death traps, siege machines, etc. The crafted weapons are numerous and varied, and they represent a kind of metagame in which you’ll be looking for new, more sophisticated and fun ways to take out your enemies. Why use a sword when you can stab someone with a white-hot poker? Or throw a chicken at them? Or do you throw away the head you just separated from the body? You haven’t really lived until you’ve fired a slingshot at your confused enemy. The progression also extends to the aesthetics of the figures. At the end of battles you collect gold, which you can use to buy cosmetic upgrades for your armor and weapons. As you gain more levels, you can buy new cosmetics, with higher levels being more refined. This does wonders for highlighting the most experienced and likely deadliest warriors on the battlefield, which in turn affects who you choose to fight and how you choose to fight. There is a premium currency that you can also use to buy cosmetics. However, the potential benefits are purely psychological. Before you make a purchase, a large warning appears in the game indicating that you are spending real money, and you have the option to decline the purchase. It complements the gameplay instead of exploiting it.

Bloody Beauty

word-image-10180 The graphics are detailed and gory. The armor glows until it turns purple, as do the weapons. Thankfully, the color palette doesn’t tend towards the grays and browns that used to be ubiquitous in these types of games. The colors are bright enough to easily distinguish friends from enemies. The sound design has appropriate sounds for the many types of beats and a good spatial sound design that creates immersive chaos for the player. The multiplayer is only as good as the player base, and so far the Chivalry 2 crowd is one of the best. Allied soldiers play for targets and form teams to surround opponents. Sometimes you can bring fallen allies back to life, which they do quickly. There are even Duel servers where players have a 1v1 honor code that exists only in the form of an unspoken agreement to fight each match one-on-one, allowing players to heal themselves between fights. Find a dueling partner, signal you’re ready, and the fight begins. A well-implemented majority rule makes it easy to expel toxic players.

Cracks in armour

word-image-10181 Chivalry 2 is not without its teaser. Malfunctions were not frequent during our test, but frequent enough to be annoying. It’s frustrating when, during a series of kills, you find that your character is stuck on the ladder and refuses to leave it. Matches are automatically balanced by moving players from one team to another. It makes sense, but it’s always frustrating when you’ve started well with your army and suddenly lose. The number of modes and maps is limited by the amount of entertainment. The characters develop at a reasonable pace, but hardcore players will unlock the most interesting things pretty quickly. Torn Banner Studios has already announced the first round of DLC Chivalry 2 , with the express intention of doubling the size of the game over time for free, which is a very positive indication that this game will not age too quickly. However, this does not detract from the overall appeal of the game. There comes a point in some games where everything falls into place. Controls, strategy and player skills all come together. This moment in the game Chivalry 2 occurred when I occupied the bridge and prevented the enemy army from breaking through our ranks and advancing. I killed a man by throwing horse manure in his face. This is the magic thatChivalry 2has. Each story is unique and unrepeatable, and you never know when the next big moment will come.

Chivalry Test 2 – The Conclusion



  • Dynamic battles between a variety of player-controlled opponents.
  • Excellent progression system for weapons and cosmetics
  • Incredibly funny, with a great sense of humor.


  • Gameplay with bugs at the beginning of the game
  • Aggressive auto-balancing makes some fights cheaper.

The game Chivalry 2 confirmed the impressions I had from a preview earlier this year: The most appropriate comparison for this game is Sea of Thieves, much more than the hundreds of other pure PVP games with competitive combat. The players write a story, and so far it’s been as funny as it is absurd. It’s a story where one minute you’re living out your heroic fantasies, an army of men defeating the enemies of your kingdom, and the next you’re apologizing for killing your friend with a church bell while bleeding from a cut on your arm. A few technical problems and minor flaws can hardly detract from a masterpiece of entertainment art. [Note: Torn Banner Studios provided a copy of the game Chivalry 2 used for this review].

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