The Philadelphia Eagles were looking like a Super Bowl contender entering the last few weeks of the season. This year, they made it all the way to the title game before losing in a heartbreaking fashion. It’s been an up and down career for Carson Wentz so far as he never really broke out during his tenure with Philly

New Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz in 2022.

New Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz in 2022. The Washington Commanders’ quarterback Carson Wentz on March 17, 2022. | Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Carson Wentz is about to embark on a season that might spell the end of his NFL career. If he falters, his tenure as a starter is likely to come to an end.

As Wentz prepares for his debut season with the Washington Commanders, one of his most ardent backers seems to be losing trust in him. For years, ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky has backed Wentz more than anyone else, and his current statements might indicate that he has a new perspective on the quarterback.

Orlovsky seemed to have given up on Wentz.

Dan Orlovsky does not seem to have much faith in Carson Wentz.

Dan Orlovsky, as previously said, has been Carson Wentz’s strongest supporter for years. As a result, people were shocked that he didn’t include Wentz on either his “QBs you win games because of” or “QBs you win games with” lists.

And, during a recent interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Orlovsky seemed to have softened his stance on the former Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts quarterback.

On the May 31 program, Orlovsky remarked, “When I made my pound-the-table positions, public television, I was right: 2019, I was dead on.” “Playoffs are on the line in Week [16], he outplayed Dak Prescott and dragged a terrible football club to the postseason.” So, yes, it was correct. It swiftly devolved in the year 2020. … Given his ties to (Colts head coach) Frank [Reich], the franchise, the roster, and all that, I expected him to be in the MVP debate in 2021. Two items were presumably underestimated by me: One, Indy’s dearth of skill-position players at the receiving position caught up with them.”

So, it seems that Orlovsky was just rewriting history while not being too harsh on Wentz. But he eventually accepted the quarterback’s flaws.

“And then two,” Orlovsky said, “I think he’s not terrific off the field in certain instances, and it sort of influenced his performance on the field.” “… No, he’s not going to alter his mind.” It would have been last year if he was going to make a change, since it was the team’s decision. It was the ideal opportunity to do so. That’s simply the kind of player he is…. I think I leaned more toward the optimist side of his abilities.”

So there you have it. Orlovsky, who is known for his insightful commentary on ESPN, finally stated that he was dazzled by Wentz’s promise and disregarded his flaws.

So, now that Dan has gotten off the bandwagon, should the rest of us give up on the 29-year-old as well?

With Carson Wentz, you get exactly what you see.

Carson Wentz, who was traded to the Commanders earlier this year, had six seasons as a starting quarterback in the NFL. In one of them, he was merely a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback. In every other game, Wentz has been careless with the ball and an ineffective quarterback.

In 2021, he had less interceptions than he had in 2020. In 2020, he tossed an NFL-high 15 interceptions, but just seven for the Colts last season. However, he was 27th in completion percentage (62.4%), bad-throw percentage (18.8%), and on-target throw percentage (73.7%), as well as yards per game (209.6).

In Weeks 17 and 18, with Indy’s season on the line, the North Dakota State product refused to look for his check-down receivers inside the Colts’ playbook, and he choked.

Is Wentz equipped with the necessary tools to succeed? Yes. However, what you see is exactly what you get. He’s shown that he’s a rash passer who can’t lead a club far into the playoffs. If you haven’t already done so, you should consider following Dan Orlovsky’s example and selling your Wentz stock before it’s too late.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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