On Sunday, Carson Wentz suffered his final sack with the Eagles at the hands of a construction crew, and it was pretty brutal. When you lose to a construction crew in Super Bowl 52, it automatically makes the pain of losing the Super Bowl the following year 1000x worse.

Carson Wentz just suffered his final sack of the season at the hands of a construction crew. The Philadelphia Eagles were on their way to winning their first division title in the NFL since the 1950s. However, they were on the road to face the Chicago Bears, who were also in the race for the NFC North Title.

Carson Wentz suffered his first lost in Philadelphia since being drafted by the Eagles in the 2016 NFL Draft, as the Eagles fell to the Atlanta Falcons in a wild game. The Eagles offense was held to just six points and 148 total yards, with Wentz making a few nice throws and runs but also throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown in the first quarter and squandering a chance at a game tying score with just over 10 minutes to go in the game.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts almost five months ago, and although the former No. 2 overall selection has gone to a new club in a new city, a little piece of him remains in South Philly.

As of mid-July, the huge banner depicting Wentz in an Eagles jersey floating outside of Lincoln Financial Field had not been touched. On Monday, though, a construction team tore the banner from its longstanding perch, erasing the final vestige of Wentz’s legacy in the process.

For Eagles supporters, Carson Wentz’s banner served as a heartbreaking reminder.

The Carson Wentz era in Philadelphia is officially over.

The Carson Wentz era in Philadelphia is officially over. Carson Wentz, a former quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles, goes to the huddle | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Eagles supporters were eager to move on after Wentz was dealt to the Colts earlier this summer. For four seasons, the Philadelphia fans adored and backed Wentz as the team’s franchise quarterback, but that changed in the final year.

The fun-loving, explosive quarterback who could send Eagles fans into a frenzy by creating a huge play out of nothing suddenly transformed into a scared turtle who retreated into his shell at the first hint of trouble. He was no longer able to strike wide receivers in stride. From his blind side, he lost how to traverse the pocket and feel pressure.

And all the while, he denied any responsibility for his on-field difficulties.

Wentz had iced out his coaches and many of his teammates in the locker room by the conclusion of the season. Wentz’s benching in favor of Jalen Hurts seemed to be the last nail in the coffin for his Eagles career, and it turned out to be true after the season ended.

When the Eagles moved their franchise quarterback in February, they began a new chapter, but Wentz’s massive banner outside Lincoln Financial Field served as a stinging reminder of his unsuccessful time in Philadelphia all summer.

Wentz was just sacked for the last time as an Eagle.

Fans traveling by Lincoln Financial Field on I-95 for the last five months have been forced to look at Wentz in an Eagles jersey with the captain patch on his chest. A symbol of what was and what could have been.

However, the Eagles eventually got rid of the last piece of evidence linking Wentz to the city of Philadelphia on Monday. Early in the morning, a construction team, aided by a massive crane, removed the flag from its perch outside the stadium, while Philadelphians cheered them on on their way to work.

The Carson Wentz era in South Philadelphia has come to an end.

In Indianapolis, Wentz hopes to hoist a bigger flag.

At the quarterback position, Wentz is still a Pro Bowl-caliber player. He acknowledged that although the gas in Philadelphia has run out, a change of environment may be just what he needed to get his career back on track.

According to Jonathan X. Simmons of the Indianapolis Star, Wentz stated last month, “I truly feel like I have a fresh love for the game.” “I’ve been high, hurt, benched, traded, and seen a lot in the last five years, so whatever the game throws at me, I’m ready.”

The removal of Wentz’s banner from outside Lincoln Financial Field should not detract from the reality that he was a key figure in the creation of a significant banner that still flies inside the stadium. He now hopes to do the same with his new group.

Lane Johnson, an offensive lineman with the Philadelphia Eagles, is already thanking Jalen Hurts for his unique skillset.

After an 11-game winning streak, the Eagles now look to rack up another win against their division rival. But, the team faces a tough task as they take on the undefeated Cardinals. The Cardinals are currently averaging 48.9 points per game and have the NFL’s best offense. This will be the team’s first nationally televised game of the season.. Read more about carson wentz statement and let us know what you think.

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