For much of the game, it appeared as if Cam Newton would be carrying his Carolina Panthers to victory over their bitter AFC East rivals. However, the New England Patriots defense held up against all the Panthers’ attacks and eventually secured a narrow win in Super Bowl LII.

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Cam Newton made a splash in his return to the NFL on Sunday, scoring two touchdowns on his first two plays after being dismissed by the New England Patriots during training camp. His instant influence aided his Carolina Panthers in their road victory against the Arizona Cardinals. It also revealed a lot about Bill Belichick, his former coach.


Cam-Newton-Belichick-1-1024x683 On November 14, 2021, in Glendale, Arizona, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers reacts after scoring a running touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals in the first quarter at State Farm Stadium. Getty Images/Christian Petersen

After an unremarkable year with the Patriots last season, Newton returned to the franchise that selected him in 2011. In his return to the Panthers on Sunday, the 2015 NFL MVP wasn’t anticipated to see much action, and he didn’t. He was on the field for eight plays and scored on two of them. The Panthers won by a score of 34-10.

P.J. Walker, who was stepping in for the injured Sam Darnold, was Newton’s backup quarterback.

On 3rd-and-goal from the 2, Newton stepped in for Walker and rushed in for a touchdown, giving the Panthers a 7-0 lead. On Carolina’s following possession, he threw a 2-yard touchdown pass to Robby Anderson, extending the lead to 14-0.

Newton not only had an impact on the field with his two touchdowns, but he also infused some much-needed excitement into the squad.

“It was a lot of fun. According to the Arizona Republic, Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey remarked, “It was clearly a lot of fun.” “The enthusiasm he exudes is beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. “It’s wonderful to have him back.”

Last season, Newton struggled with the Patriots. The squad experienced its first losing season since 2000, finishing 7-9. Newton, who was a late signing after Tom Brady left for free agency, cannot be blamed for everything. Although the pandemic’s effects were a factor, Newton only went 7-8 in his 15 starts and threw just eight touchdown passes.

Newton was signed by the Panthers last week, bringing him back to the franchise he led to the Super Bowl in 2015. Newton’s flashy personality was toned down in New England, and he was the ideal team player under Belichick.

Sunday, on the other hand, was a whole different scenario.

Newton made it all about himself, which is unheard of in New England. Newton didn’t care about the 15-yard penalty he cost his team after his running score when he pulled off his helmet and raced about in the end zone, saying “I’m baaaack.” It was a look-at-me moment that would never have happened under Belichick’s watch.

Newton was given a fresh lease on life under Belichick. Newton was released by the Panthers after injuries restricted him to two games in 2019, and he followed Belichick’s restrictions. He spiked the ball and made a lighthearted stretch after scoring his first touchdown as a member of the Patriots in a season-opening triumph against the Miami Dolphins. There was no cost, and there was no selfishness.

Matt Rhule, the Panthers’ coach, described Newton as “selfless.”

According to Panthers coach Matt Rhule, the guy who calls himself Superman and goes about informing the world he’s returned while punishing his team is “selfless.”

“I have a decent sense of who he is.” He’s a high-energy person. According to the Arizona Republic, Rhule described himself as “selfless.” “When P.J. scored, he joined in the celebration. He’s a true team player, after all. (Newton) told me when he came on that it was all about winning, and that’s exactly what it was.”

Newton, of course, is happy to be back in the NFL. Yes, he’s pleased to have played a part in such a significant victory. Newton may not be selfish and may be a team player, but he didn’t prove it in his first game back with the Panthers on Sunday.

It would have been sufficient to use a spike and a flex. The Panthers easily won the game, and a blundering unsportsmanlike penalty likely went undetected by many.

Newton earns an A for effort, but he has to go back to his Patriots ways in terms of celebration execution.

The Panthers might be in big danger if Newton is “baaaaack,” as he claims. Three throws for eight yards aren’t going to cut it for the remainder of the game.

Cam Newton’s Doubters Include His Own Patriots Teammates RELATED: Cam Newton’s Doubters Include His Own Patriots Teammates

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