Blake Griffin was told he would be an LA Clipper for life mere months before being traded to the Detroit Pistons. This is just one example of how players are often given unrealistic expectations when it comes to their contracts.

Blake Griffin was told he’d be an LA Clipper for life mere months before being traded to the tanking Detroit Pistons. The Clippers were a team that had been built around him and his talents, but now they’re a complete mess.

Blake Griffin is regarded as one of the NBA’s greatest dunkers. During his eight-year tenure with the Los Angeles Clippers, he established himself as such before being brutally moved to the rebuilding (tanking) Detroit Pistons.

The deal seemed justifiable at the time since the Clippers were at a crossroads after failing to win an NBA Finals (or even make it to one) with the combination of Griffin, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Jordan. A significant amount of change was required inside the company. They were able to get Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, as we now know. However, it was unclear at the moment which way the Clippers were heading.

Griffin found the whole process to be very perplexing and distressing.

Blake Griffin was deceived by the LA Clippers before he was traded.

Blake Griffin playing for the LA Clippers.

Blake Griffin playing for the LA Clippers. Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images/Blake Griffin

Griffin was a free agent after the end of the 2016-17 season. The Clippers made re-signing the veteran power forward a priority after he had a great season in which he averaged 21.6 points per game.

Griffin had a lengthy free agency presentation from the Clippers. In fact, it was almost too detailed. The franchise staged a huge phony jersey retirement for Griffin at the Staples Center, insisting that he was a “Clipper for Life” who will retire in Los Angeles.

The following is an excerpt from Zach Lowe’s ESPN piece on the ridiculous offseason pitch:

On July 1, when Griffin arrived at Staples Center for his free-agent pitch meeting, he discovered that the Clippers had constructed a labyrinth for him, complete with artificial barriers. Griffin led his 3-year-old son, Ford, through the art gallery-style hallways, where pictures of Griffin on his green Huffy bike with his brother, Taylor, when they were youngsters, Griffin playing in college, and Griffin as a Clipper were hung at every turn.

Griffin was spat out onto a sofa above the lower bowl, overlooking the Staples Center court. The sound of the crowd filled the room. The Clippers’ public address announcer announced that Griffin’s number will be retired. Employees of the team hoisted a banner into the rafters, a vision of the future they desired.

Seven months later, Griffin was sent to the Pistons.

Griffin was sent away to Detroit, of all places, only months after agreeing to re-sign with the Clippers for five years and $173 million.

Detroit is located in the state of Michigan. In the depth of winter, to be precise. For someone who has spent the past eight years of their life in sunny California, this is not exactly an appealing destination.

In exchange for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, and a future first-round selection, LA received Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, and a future first-round pick. Pieces that aided the Clippers in their pursuit of several superstar-caliber players during the 2019 offseason.

For the former Clipper, Detroit turned out to be a nightmare.

During the 2018-19 season, Griffin was nominated for another All-Star game, but his time in Detroit was a total nightmare. During his tenure with the Pistons, several rumors emerged that Griffin wanted to be moved or released, ultimately resulting to his buyout in March 2021.

Griffin was quickly signed by the Brooklyn Nets after leaving Detroit. Although he didn’t win the NBA title this season, he seemed to be more happy with the Nets than with the Pistons.

Griffin was re-signed by Brooklyn earlier this summer. They’re back in the hunt for a title, with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving leading the way.

Basketball Reference provided all stats.

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