This is a list of commands that are available in the console. You can use these commands to help you with the game.

Biomutant is a game, available on Steam for PC, that is currently in Alpha Phase. The game is being developed by a company called Experiment 101. As of right now, the game is in a pretty early stage of development, containing only 2 crews and only 2 locations.

Here we have the Biomutant Console Commands List guide for PC and PS4. If you want to play Biomutant, check out the console commands guide. Hope this helps! PS: If you are looking for console commands for other games, then check out my post Console Commands for all Games.

BiomutantConsole controls can give you an edge in the new Experiment 101 role-playing game. But before you can teleport, use God Mode or increase your FPS, you need to know how to activate the console controls. This Biomutant console controls guide not only provides an accurate list of all console controls, but also all cheats you can activate in the game.

To activate the BiomutantConsole operation

word-image-3496 Since the game Biomutant was developed on the Unreal Engine 4, you can use the open-source program Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker to enable console controls in the game. Follow these steps to activate the Biomutant console control:

  1. Download and install Universal UE4 Unlocker from the official website.
  2. Start UE4 universal edition
  3. Start Biomutant
  4. Press Alt Tab to open the Universal UE4 Unlocker window.
  5. Go to the General tab
  6. Press Select in Select the injection process in
  7. Choose one of the two options in the list:
    • Steam for Steam users
    • Maine for Xbox application users
  8. Press Inject DLL

You can then return to the game and either start a new game or download a save file. Press the ~ (tilde) key on the keyboard to open the console window .

Biomutant console command list

After opening the console in Biomutant, you can enter the following commands:

Team The effect
God Activate God mode
time rate X Allows you to manipulate the time speed (for example, time speed 2 doubles the speed).
sg.PostProcessQuality 0 Display the full map
Teleportation This allows you to teleport a character by pointing in the direction of the mouse pointer.
toggledebug camera Allows free movement of the camera
play in person Freeze every character
Break Pause the game
kills Brings your character back to the starting point
DamageTarget X X Cause of damage
stat fps Turns on the FPS display on the screen
stat. Unit Turns on the bezel counter
showdebug Displaying Coordinates on the Screen

This is everything you need to know about enabling Biomutant console commands. For more tutorials and tips, check out our other Biomutant tips and tricks articles. If you still have doubts, read our review of Biomutant .Hello! My name is Richard and I play Biomutant on a PC using a Steam Controller. This game is a Console-exclusive game developed by a small team of two. It takes place on Earth where you are an infected with Graft. The Graft makes your body more powerful than humans, and you are a part of the Graft Team. You have to destroy all the humans that are infected with the Graft. This guide will help you to learn all the Console Commands in the game.. Read more about biomutant controller or keyboard and let us know what you think.

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