The Detroit Pistons have officially signed Andre Drummond to a 4-year, $130 million contract over the next two years. With this, the Pistons made history by signing a player who had never played in an NBA uniform before. Now, the question is whether the former Defensive Player of the Year will be able to match the expectations that come with being a serious NBA player.

As we mentioned earlier, Andre Drummond is a free agent and the Sixers could have been a major player in his offseason decision. Andre’s name was in the rumor mill for most of the offseason and at one point, the Sixers were supposedly in the running to sign the Detroit Pistons center. At the end of the day, Andre chose to sign with the LA Lakers , leaving the Sixers without any real options to try and fill the void left by Andre’s departure.

On Friday, the Detroit Pistons signed defensive whiz Andre Drummond to a four-year, $130 million contract. For those of you who don’t follow the sports world closely, Drummond is 25 years old and stands 7 feet tall. As for the rest of the world, Drummond is one of the best power forwards in the NBA and a player that is known for his spectacular dunks.

Andre Drummond is joining the Philadelphia 76ers, which means he’ll have to put his past feud with Joel Embiid to rest.

After acquiring Drummond, the Sixers have assembled a formidable frontcourt. On the court, though, it remains to be seen how he and Embiid will get along. Given their turbulent past, the two may also need to make up ground in the chemistry department.

Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid seemed to be building one of the most intriguing individual rivalries in the NBA once upon a time.

For those who don’t remember, the Drummond-Embiid feud has been going on for quite some time. In the autumn of 2017, Embiid went after Drummond for the first time.

Embiid claimed at the time, through SB Nation, that he “doesn’t play any defense.” “When we first began playing, he was aggressive and chatting at the same time. … So I was thinking to myself, ‘You want to do that?’ ‘Then I’m going to kick your [butt].’ As a result, that’s what I did.”

The former Detroit Pistons big kept things polite at first, stating Embiid’s skill was obvious but that the Sixers star wouldn’t be able to regularly dominate against him. However, the politeness gradually deteriorated. Embiid took another jab at Drummond for his lack of shooting skills, leading Drummond to retaliate.

Drummond told SB Nation in December of that year, “You can’t really have a discussion with a guy who can’t play a back-to-back.” “I’ve been playing for six years and have only missed four or five games in whole time. So he can come speak to me when he can play a full season without stopping.”

The next season, the beef was rekindled. Drummond was kicked out of a game after Embiid claimed he owned “real estate” in Drummond’s brain, a reference to Embiid’s flopping.

Does he have a sense of humour? If that’s the case, why is he so happy to have me off the floor? Consider this: it is a ridiculous assertion! I’ll take the W, but I’m looking forward to my trip home as a #Emmyawardwinning actor.

October 24, 2018 — Andre Drummond (@AndreDrummond)

Following then, things slowed down considerably, owing to the fact that it became apparent that Embiid often outplayed Drummond on the court. Furthermore, the two have gone through various stages in their lives.

In recent years, Embiid has established himself as a genuine MVP contender. Drummond, meanwhile, is set to join his fourth club in three seasons.

The Sixers signed Drummond to a one-year contract.

According to ESPN, free agency C Andre Drummond has agreed to a one-year contract with the 76ers.

August 3, 2021 — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn)

Former foes have become allies.

Drummond has agreed to a one-year contract with the Sixers, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. After Dwight Howard returned to the Los Angeles Lakers, the former UConn star offers Philly some frontcourt depth.

Drummond is a Los Angeles native. During the team’s first-round defeat to the Phoenix Suns, he averaged 11.9 points and 10.2 rebounds while starting all five playoff games.

Doc Rivers, the Sixers’ head coach, will have to determine how to best use Drummond. He’ll likely utilize the two-time All-Star on the bench as a 4-man or backup center, but it’s also conceivable that fans could witness a monster lineup with both Drummond and Embiid on the court at the same time.

It’s possible that Drummond and Embiid will benefit from playing together.

Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid talk during a game in December of 2018

Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid talk during a game in December of 2018 Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid will put their past feud aside in order to assist the Philadelphia 76ers win the NBA title | Getty Images/Mitchell Leff

A frontcourt pairing of Drummond and Embiid raises concerns, particularly if the Sixers trade Ben Simmons and acquire additional shooting.

Nonetheless, there are many reasons to like that pair sharing the stage.

Drummond may be able to play the passing lanes more freely thanks to Embiid’s presence as a rim protector. On the offensive boards, it will be almost difficult to contain the two. Furthermore, Embiid’s increased effectiveness from beyond the arc speaks well for Drummond’s ability to play in the paint. He’ll likely be a key screener as well.

Former opponents are unlikely to share the court for long periods of time. Their ability to work together, on the other hand, may be a significant improvement for a Sixers team that may rely even more heavily on size next season.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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