Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest basketball players to ever live, and Kobe Bryant has been widely lauded as a rival for his skills. But Allen Iverson’s success defied what many thought possible: he was better than both of them. This interview reveals how much they differed from each other- and why it can sometimes pay off not to be like everyone else.

allen iverson net worth 2021” is a quote from Allen Iverson. Iverson told a 2nd-round pick to get shots up, “shooters shoot the ball.”

Allen Iverson, like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, carried the offensive load for the Philadelphia 76ers throughout his playing career. Unlike MJ and Bean, though, AI did not intimidate or discourage teammates from shooting the ball in order to convey a message.

Kyle Korver, a former 76ers swingman, recently commented about Iverson’s ability to motivate and inspire his youthful teammates. Rather of seeking to marginalize participants as cogs in a communal machine, The Answer enabled them to make their presence known.

Three of the four highest usage rates in NBA history belong to Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant.

The use rate is a measure of a player’s contribution to a team’s offensive scheme while on the court. The greater the use rate, the more shots a player took and the more frequently they had the ball in their hands, leading to scoring actions.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Allen Iverson have three of the four highest usage rates in NBA history, which should come as no surprise.

Jordan has the highest all-time use rate of 33.26 percent, while Bryant (31.85 percent) and AI (31.83 percent) are third and fourth on the list, respectively. Mike and Iverson are also in the top four all-time in field-goal attempts per game, according to StatMuse.

The figures demonstrate how important it was for the three superstars to have the ball in their hands and create offense for themselves and others. While Jordan and Kobe may have been more choosy in who they felt comfortable shooting with, Iverson never wanted his teammates to hesitate.

That counsel came from The Answer to a relatively unknown second-round selection who was just trying to carve himself a place in the NBA.

Kyle Korver was strongly pushed by Iverson to fulfill his responsibilities as a shooter.

Kyle Korver had a lot to prove when the 76ers acquired the New Jersey Nets’ second-round selection in 2003. He didn’t have any assurances beyond the first two seasons, so he had to put on a show to keep his NBA career alive.

Otherwise, Allen Iverson could have opted to shoot over Korver. However, the previous Creighton product claimed that AI had the opposite effect.

Iverson advised Korver not to exhibit any reservations and to take his jumpers when they came, according to J.J. Redick of the Old Man and the Three podcast.

“So [Iverson] was like, ‘Shoot the ball, shooters shoot the ball,’ every day with his arm over my shoulder. It’s as though you’re inhaling confidence into me. Isn’t he a legend? Exactly having that guy with me motivated me, since he is in another stratosphere, just like his great, iconic career and in personality and image. For me, he was incredible. He was a favorite of mine on the team.”

–Kyle Korver, through the podcast The Old Man and the Three

Iverson’s trust in Korver was shortly rewarded.

Despite playing little in his debut season, the former All-Star shot over 39% from outside the arc. Korver improved dramatically in his second season, scoring 11.5 points per game while hitting 40.5 percent of his triples on 6.8 attempts.

AI’s words of support became important for the remainder of Korver’s career. Korver established himself as one of the best perimeter shooters in NBA history. In his career, he hit 42.9 percent of his three-point attempts and led the NBA in three-point percentage four times, including his lone All-Star selection in 2014-15.

Iverson’s legacy is complicated, particularly in terms of his connections with the companies for which he played and the influence he had on his many teammates. However, Korver’s story attests to AI’s abilities as a team player.

Iverson’s reputation as a selfish player is based on a false story.

L-R: Allen Iverson attends a Philadelphia 76ers game and former Sixers guard Kyle Korver defends former Los Angeles Lakers big man Chris Mihm

L-R: Allen Iverson attends a Philadelphia 76ers game and former Sixers guard Kyle Korver defends former Los Angeles Lakers big man Chris Mihm Drew Hallowell/Getty Images and Richard Hartog/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images | Allen Iverson (L) and Kyle Korver (R) | Drew Hallowell/Getty Images and Richard Hartog/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Because they won championships and went to great efforts to get the best out of their colleagues, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are regarded as excellent team players. Their hard-driving methods, on the other hand, caused a lot of conflict.

Allen Iverson has never won a championship. For skipping workouts and fighting with head coaches, he received fines and bans. As a consequence, AI’s NBA reputation is marred by the perception that he lacked some of the attributes generally associated with “team players.” However, Korver’s story disproves this claim.

Iverson realized that in order to succeed, he needed his teammates to do their jobs. The Answer chose positive reinforcement over physically or mentally confronting them.

Despite the fact that AI’s leadership style never led to a championship, it had a profound effect on players like Kyle Korver. That in itself says a lot about Iverson as a player and a teammate.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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