The NFL is a league that always tries to show the world how classy they are. But sometimes, fans really have shown their true colors and no amount of trash talking or “classy” will fix it. Sports Illustrated has compiled 30 examples where players showed complete lack of class.

The “nfl popularity decline 2020” is a problem that has been present for a while. The NFL’s popularity has seen a decline, and the reasons are many.

30 Times NFL Fans Showed Complete Lack Of Class

Without the supporters, football would not be the sport we love or even come close to being the sport we love. They help to generate a positive mood in the stadiums and give the game a feeling of purpose. Fans, on the other hand, may occasionally throw football into disgrace. They’ve shown a complete lack of class on several instances, causing highly terrible headlines that they were purportedly cheering on.

Fan fights, for example, are widespread in the NFL, and there have been several more humiliating situations involving fans of all franchises. Of course, certain clubs have a poor name – we’re looking at you, Philadelphia – but every bunch has a few rotten apples. Sports Illustrated has compiled a list of 30 times NFL fans have shown a complete lack of class.

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30. Bloody Fight (2021)

At SoFi Stadium, one of the greatest fan brawls occurred during a Rams-Chargers preseason game. In front of him, a guy wearing an Aaron Donald shirt got into a yelling altercation with three other supporters. Tensions seemed to be dissipating, so he turned away. A lady standing behind the three guys suddenly flung her beer at his back. The brawl erupted as soon as Aaron Donald 2.0 whirled around (via Mediaite).

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They pounded him and tore his shirt off his back, so it didn’t end well for him. Security finally interfered after several minutes. However, the fan’s face was bloodied and battered. Meanwhile, the lady who started it all and displayed extreme lack of class was absolutely OK. She was worse than everyone else in the circumstance because her actions prompted even worse behavior.

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Stopping the Jets is number 29. (2021)

Jets supporters have a reputation for being among the worst in the NFL for a long time. They aren’t as bad-behaving these days, however. That’s most likely due to years of futility on the football field. Gang Green’s fighting spirit was reignited by one of its members. They weren’t in a good mood after a heartbreaking loss to the Dolphins (via N.Y. Daily News).

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A brawl broke out in the stadium, followed by another in the parking lot. At least one Jets supporter got involved in a brawl with a Dolphins fan. However, after throwing the first punch, he was severely beaten. It was his responsibility since he had the option of walking away. In the meanwhile, a parking attendant walked past unconcerned. They were all lacking in class.

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The Eagle Has Landed (No. 28) (2020)

Because of the worldwide health crisis, people didn’t get to see Lincoln Financial Field until October 19. Philadelphia fans, on the other hand, soon made up for lost time. The Philadelphia supporters, often considered as the worst in American sports, stayed committed to the cause. On a frigid night in Pennsylvania, “The City of Brotherly Love” never felt more ironic (via NBC Sports).

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Three guys grew enraged with each other for unexplained reasons. They insulted each other first, then started throwing haymakers. They demonstrated the Eagles’ infamous lack of class. A Ravens fan was the victim of a thrashing. For his troubles, he received a black eye. Before he returned to Baltimore, he didn’t want this as a memento.

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27. Gender Parity (2021)

In Week 2, the Steelers hosted the Detroit Lions. They won a tense match 26-20, but there was more to the story after the game. A bizarre brawl involving a woman and a man at Heinz Field was captured on camera. “You can get the f*** out!” she said first, then threw a right fist at the guy. His first instinct was to swing back, but he was stopped by other fans.

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As more individuals were engaged, the situation threatened to spiral out of control. Security was finally sent to the site. They did, however, make the decision to remove the guy. “She struck him first,” shouted one voice. What occurred next is unclear, although she was likely expelled from the stadium as well. Both people lacked class, but she was the one who started it (via Newsweek).

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Three Jags and a Bear (No. 26) (2021)

Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence, two of the most intriguing rookie quarterbacks in recent history, were selected by Chicago and Jacksonville in the 2021 draft. After then, they had a string of bad seasons. In October, the Bears hosted the Jaguars and lost a close game. Both groups of supporters had a difficult start to the season. After the game, one guy was enraged and was telling a couple of Jags supporters where they should leave (via Huffington Post).

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One of them approached him and demanded that he fight. The Bears fan, on the other hand, hit him in the face and knocked him out. Suddenly, the situation became more serious, and many males were involved. They surrounded him and kicked him down. The Bears supporter, on the other hand, fell back to his feet. It’s unclear what happened after that, but everyone acted shabbily.

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Buffalo Wild Wings (#25) (2015)

In 2015, San Francisco supporters earned a bad reputation. In September, they had a bad week when a gang assaulted a Vikings supporter. It was awful enough as it was, but things became much worse. Another gang targeted a Steelers fan outside a Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles. They couldn’t even keep the carnage contained within their own city. Their lack of class, on the other hand, cost them dearly.

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Fortunately, the Steelers fan was able to flee before the Niners attacked. They then attempted to start a brawl with a different group of males. This was a mistake because the prey became the predators. They were brutally beaten by the gang they were after. The cops arrived on the scene, but no one was arrested (via Deadspin). It was a humiliating experience for everyone concerned.

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24. Welcoming You Back (2021)

On September 12, 2021, SoFi Stadium welcomed fans back for the first time. The venue’s ability to hold crowds was hampered by the global health crisis. The Bears headed to Los Angeles to face the Rams in an NFC matchup. Rams supporters have been some of the worst-behaved in the NFL in recent years. Because they fight so much, they probably don’t deserve their stadium.

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From the time they stepped into the stadium, tension was palpable. TMZ Sports shared video of spectators yelling at each other from their seats. This occurred early in the game, but it worsened as the game progressed. Later, the same group of supporters collided once again. This time, the cold war escalated into a battle. Although security was called in, the harm to their appearances and reputations had already been done.

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Ray Rice Costume (number 23) (2014)

You don’t have to be at the stadium to embarrass yourself as an NFL fan. Some of them also test the limits of taste in regular situations. After the Ray Rice incident in 2014, there was a clear illustration. Rice was one of the league’s top running backs, but he ruined his career. The former Ravens player pushed his wife out of an elevator at a New Jersey casino and dragged her corpse out.

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The majority of people believe that it was a shame, but not everyone. One fan decided to make a Halloween outfit based on the Rice incident. He was dressed in a Rice jersey and represented the player’s wife with a blow-up doll. Then he went on a tour around the room, pulling the doll by the foot (via Daily Mail). His lack of class was appalling, but it demonstrates that there are some sick individuals in the world.

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tv turbulence number 22 (2021)

Fans of the National Football League are a passionate lot. Some of them take it a step farther. When their teams lose, they get too involved and prone to explosive outbursts. Unfortunately, their television suffers as a result of this. In one bizarre video, a Steelers supporter destroys his television with a ladder. Baker Mayfield had dissected his squad, and he was furious.

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Of course, his first impulse was to reach for a ladder in the adjacent room. Then he bludgeoned his set with his fist before striking it (via Audacy). A Cowboys fan threw himself at his TV in another 2017 clip. He did it because the Packers beat his beloved team with a game-winning field goal (via Sporting News). After incidents of idiocy, fans usually feel regret.

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Slurs Against Homosexuals (No. 21) (2021)

Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is a divisive figure. On TikTok and other social media sites, he has built his brand using his brother’s name. Because of his foolish pranks and disobedience at restaurants, he is slightly tiresome (via Golf Digest). He did, however, face homophobic insults during an NFL game.

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At Empower Field, Mahomes watched his brother’s team take on Denver. A fan verbally harassed him when he was with Patrick’s girlfriend Brittney Matthews. Mahomes’ name was changed to include a homophobic insult. Then Matthews turned around and chastised the individual for their lack of decency (via FOX News).

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Taking A Knee (number 20) (2020)

The year 2020 was a very highly tense period in American history. Because of societal racial tensions, many NFL players were impacted. On the first week of the season, the Texans were welcomed at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The teams wanted to show their support for equality by making a gesture. Some fans, however, were not pleased with their efforts and booed them (via AP News).

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Because it wasn’t about politics, they showed a lack of class. To make a message, the players clasped arms and knelt throughout the anthem. On social media, this incident caused division because some individuals believed they were pandering to leftist ideas. Others thought these individuals were missing the point. The sportsmen just desired that everyone be treated with the same respect.

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Field Invasion (19.) (2021)

Let’s move on from the deep and consider plain ignorance. Invasion of the field by supporters is nothing new in sports. There’s usually one moron who can’t stop himself from running onto the field. Security will always catch them, therefore it never ends good. Many of them are facing criminal prosecution and, at the very least, will be barred from entering the stadium. They also seem to be idiots.

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In October of 2021, an amazing example happened. A fan raced onto the turf during a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks at Heinz Field. When play came to a halt, the Seattle offense was on the field. The offender was pursued by police, but he tripped over his own feet. He most likely spent hundreds of dollars to attend the game, just to leave a laughingstock. This lack of class cost a lot of money (via CBS Local).

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18. Toilet Laughter (2021)

The toilets in football stadiums aren’t the cleanest places on the planet. Despite this, a couple of teenage Eagles fans couldn’t resist sharing a cubicle in Charlotte. The randy couple came to Bank of America Stadium in Philadelphia for the Eagles’ game versus the Panthers. That’s when a young lady and her partner entered the men’s bathroom. She was between the ages of 14 and 16, according to TMZ.

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Police arrived on the incident and escorted the two out of the stadium. They were not, however, arrested for public obscenity. That’s because they couldn’t establish they were the ones who committed the crime. Because of the Eagles’ notoriety, it had to be a couple of Eagles fanatics. The couple felt humiliated since the whole world saw their indiscretion.

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Fight Club (#17) (2021)

Many individuals would rather watch football games on TV at home. They can view everything without having to worry about the weather. Meanwhile, they can eat anything they want for a lot less money. Another advantage is that they don’t have to deal with thugs. Tickets are quite expensive, particularly for premier teams like as the Chiefs. Even yet, some supporters engage in brawls.

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During the first several weeks of the 2021 season, there were a few brawls. As they were exiting Arrowhead Stadium, numerous persons were seen engaged. After the battle, another knocked a guy out. Because it is unsafe, this is not the greatest setting for children. It may also be quite distressing. Some folks are completely devoid of class and don’t give a damn (via Fansided).

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16. Face-to-Face Beer (2021)

People’s emotions may sometimes get the best of them. A football game should be a fun day out, but emotions may quickly rise. In one video, a Steelers supporter can be seen yelling at a female Ravens fan in front of him. The cause of the argument is unclear, but it ended with her tossing her drink in his face. Half of it fell on a youngster, who instantly started crying (via Sports Illustrated).

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The man then became enraged and hurled a barrage of insults at her. Everyone in their immediate vicinity sprang to their feet to defuse the situation. Security didn’t arrive until things had calmed down, so those fans deserve credit. The drunk man was in a state of emotional breakdown, but he didn’t touch the woman. It was a tumultuous situation, and both of them lacked class.

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15. Irresponsible Behavior (2019)

Being a woman in athletics, let alone the NFL, is difficult. This is particularly true in the media, where they must continuously demonstrate their involvement and expertise. This isn’t right, but it’s the truth of the matter. Some dinosaur fans, on the other hand, regard female sports reporters and broadcasters differently than males. They go over their bounds and make the ladies feel uneasy.

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In 2019, a dramatic occurrence happened on the Tampa Bay practice field. Jenna Laine of ESPN was working there when a fan approached her from behind. He reportedly kissed her on the head before calling her “sexy.” Because the situation was unacceptable, she issued a statement about it. Laine wanted men to realize that such behavior is unacceptable in today’s society.

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The Eagles have now lost two games in a row (2021)

In Week 18, the Cowboys defeated the Eagles, igniting yet another crowd brawl. With a score of 51-26, Dallas blasted Philadelphia apart. This is a heated rivalry, and the outcome did not delight Philadelphia supporters. One Eagles fan, on the other hand, chewed off more than he could chew. He got into a verbal confrontation with two Dallas supporters. Things quickly became physical.

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“You want to fight?” shouted one of the Dallas fans as he went toward his opponent. Then he launched a barrage of punches on his opponent, leaving him smeared on the floor. He also lacked class by thrashing the guy next to him. Because security was running late, supporters saved him from stomping on his victim. In the NFL, it’s just another day.

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Snowball Effect (#13) (2021)

Throwing anything into a sports field is never a smart idea. A lifelong ban might be imposed if a supporter strikes a player with any item. Snowballs aren’t a good idea either. It may seem innocuous, but picking up a piece of ice is simple. Some individuals even bury heavy items under the snow. The Seahawks hosted the Chicago Bears in Seattle on December 26.

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Snow was thrown at Bears players by one spectator who lacked class. He came dangerously close to colliding with Jimmy Graham after the tight end scored a touchdown. Nick Foles and his teammates took a knee late in the game. The Seahawks supporter threw snowballs at the players once again (via The Spun). It was ridiculous since no one can hide from security cameras.

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12. Browns vs. Browns (2020)

Because of the global health crisis, the NFL had a strange year in 2020. Many franchises were cautious and imposed restrictions on fans. There were fewer people at the games, and they were required to wear face coverings. This would normally dampen the atmosphere in a stadium. Cleveland, on the other hand, has stuck to the spirit of NFL fan violence from the beginning (via Michigan Live).

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In Week 1, the Browns faced the Bengals. Because of the limitations, barely 8,000 people attended the game. They also had to keep a six-foot distance between themselves and other ticket holders. Browns supporters still managed to get into a scuffle. Social distance was thrown out the window as they threw fists. In the end, security kicked them out due to their lack of class.

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11. Knockout Double (2021)

In a top-end matchup, the Rams took on the Titans at SoFi Stadium. Matthew Stafford’s interceptions proved to be costly in the end. In a disappointing defeat, he gave Tennessee the points. Meanwhile, anarchy reigned in the stands. A fight erupted between two Rams supporters and a Titans fan. One of the formers confronted the others and knocked them both unconscious.

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First, the guy wearing a Rams shirt violently assaulted a Titans fan. He was knocked out as he barreled down the stairs. Then, with another punch, he knocked out another supporter. Another person demonstrated a lack of decency by treading on the man’s head as he walked past (via Newsweek). After his double knockout, the enraged Ram fan walked away. It was a particularly heinous display of violence.

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Get Off the Girl, Number Ten! (2021)

In today’s NFL stadiums, fights are all too common. They’re always for ridiculous reasons. In most cases, a pair of inebriated men create an entirely avoidable situation. The videos are, without a doubt, always entertaining. However, many innocent bystanders are sometimes ruined by these fights. Frequently, the incorrect individuals are thrown out of the stadium by security. People can also sustain injuries.

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In 2021, the Ravens faced the Packers (via N.Y. Post). Suddenly, a brawl broke out in the crowd between two males. One of them punched the other. The Ravens supporter then bellyflopped at his opponent. Instead, he landed on a sweet blonde lady. The mob around him yelled at him to get off. Their lack of decorum may have caused significant harm to the woman who was just watching the game.

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9. Snowball by Sid Brooks (1995)

Brooks was the Chargers’ and USC’s long-serving equipment manager. He was also a bystander in one of the most heinous NFL fan events ever. Brooks was a 27-year veteran of the military, having served in the Vietnam and Korean wars. In 1995, the former Air Force serviceman was granted 15 minutes of unwelcome fame. On a snowy winter day, the Chargers took on the Giants.

1358637520 USA Today Sports is required credit.

However, a snowball fight broke out, and Brooks was knocked unconscious by a lump of ice. For half a minute, he lay motionless on the floor. Meanwhile, 15 persons were detained by police as a result of the event. Another 175 persons were expelled from the stadium by law police and security (via S.F. Gate). Surprisingly, there were 27,000 no-shows due to the weather that day, thus the arena wasn’t even half-full.

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8. Reverse the Situation (2020)

The “Bills Mafia” is a complete lunatic. They are the only franchise with an anti-furniture grudge. After they won a playoff game in 2020, their supporters went nuts. The Mafia was seen on video leaping from vehicles and walls onto fold-up tables. This long-standing custom demonstrates why they are the NFL’s most fervent supporters. In one video, a man appears to have jumped out of his car and broken his leg on a table.

se4jyen25banbiivgv6kqwvm6u USA Today Sports is required credit.

Another set himself on fire before slamming the offending table onto the ground. Furthermore, his friends demonstrated a lack of class by pouring beer on him afterward. A guy was seen picking up a lady and smashing her into a table in other video from the Bills’ tailgate (via NESN). It’s gotten to the point that the team has forbidden supporters from slamming tables in the stadium. But they went ahead and did it anyhow.

ap19221593244053 Deseret News is required credit.

7. Raiders vs. Niners Fight (2011)

Our is one of several fan brawls on this list, but it is perhaps the worst since it developed into a gunfight. In 2011, the Niners played the Raiders at Candlestick Park. The rivalry between these two brands has deteriorated into something much more sinister. Because of these incidents, Oakland and San Francisco vowed to never play a preseason game again.

49ers USA Today Sports is required credit.

After the game, one guy was shot twice. He somehow drove his pickup all the way to security before fainting. Meanwhile, another unconscious guy was discovered in one of the stadium’s lavatories. It’s absurd because people go to a game for the purpose of escaping reality. They anticipate not having gunshot wounds in their bodies when they return home. However, one individual was not so fortunate (via Bleacher Report).

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6. What Happened to My Hat? (2021)

In Week 8 of the 2021 season, the Packers faced the Cardinals. Green Bay eventually won the game after a thrilling finish. Kyler Murray threw a late interception that lost his team the game, which Green Bay won 24-21. Meanwhile, chaos reigned in the stadium. A guy wearing a Seahawks shirt sat among the Cardinals’ supporters for whatever reason. He demanded the return of his novelty hat.

1349891267 USA Today Sports is required credit.

He was searching for trouble, thus this was a bad idea. Unfortunately, it found him in an unexpected manner. Fans of the Cardinals were seen on video beating the living daylights out of him (via the N.Y. Daily News). He might have watched the game as a neutral fan and not sparked any outrage. Instead, he enraged those who were close to him. He had to pay the price for his lack of etiquette.

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5. Parade of the Patriots (2019)

To cap off the 2018 season, the Patriots defeated the Rams in Super Bowl LIII. They commemorated the occasion with a parade through Boston’s streets. This seems to be a nice opportunity for all of their supporters to get together and participate in the experience. Some fans, on the other hand, lacked class. They drank too much, and the party got much rowdier than the organizers had planned.

hi-res-0a5e4fcb7f2ddd0893c8472470f7cc9d_crop_north-scaled USA Today Sports is required credit.

Several brawls erupted during the march (via NESN). Like battles on a battlefield, flashpoints arose. During one altercation, supporters threw a guy beneath a vehicle. As the brawl became more heated, drunken idiots threw each other against store windows. Because over a million people lined the streets, the cops had their job cut out for them. However, a vocal minority marred their success.

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4. Garbage Disposal

In 2021, the Dallas Cowboys enjoyed a great regular season. Their 12-5 record was one of the best in the NFL, and they were a strong contender for the playoffs. In the wild-card round, they were anticipated to beat the 49ers. San Francisco had a good team, but it lacked the consistency of Dallas. However, they were defeated by the Niners, losing 23-17. (via CBS Sports).

1365029349 USA Today Sports is required credit.

The supporters were enraged, and there was a nasty incident after the game. They hurled a deluge of garbage into the field. Initially, it was assumed that they were going after their team. However, they were hurling trash at the officials. “Credit to them, then,” quarterback Dak Prescott said. Their lack of decency didn’t bother the Cowboys star, who afterwards apologized profusely for his careless statements (via USA Today).

ewwi2xcjco2cvby3ebhzkf2tke USA Today Sports is required credit.

Michael Irvin’s Injury No. 3 (1999)

Dallas Cowboys supporters despise the Philadelphia Eagles. However, this may occasionally present itself in a horrible manner. Irvin was one of his generation’s top wide receivers. The Eagles, on the other hand, did not care for him. In the first quarter of their 1999 game, the receiver received a ball from Troy Aikman. Unfortunately, he was struck by two Eagles players at the same moment, causing him to fall awkwardly (via NBC Sports).

zgfswteh4feghjw734gsemer3e USA Today Sports is required credit.

Irvin’s neck was twisted, and he was carried off the field on a stretcher. Unfortunately, his career was cut short due to the injury, which made it too unsafe for him to continue playing. Furthermore, the Eagles’ supporters displayed a textbook lack of decorum. As he lay unmoving on the stretcher, they booed the afflicted Irvin. It’s fair to say they had no idea this was going to be his last act. Nonetheless, it was terrible because he was in excruciating pain.

853ddf3a-c6c8-44c7-a6af-ff62f7904297-bills-pats USA Today Sports is required credit.

2. On the Field Sex Toy (2021)

The Buffalo Bills have a unique fan base. They consistently demonstrate a lack of class, yet in the most amusing manner possible. The dildo custom, for example, is a new addition to their culture. It all started in 2016 when the Bills took on the Patriots (via N.Y. Post). To the delight of the audience, a fan tossed a sex toy into the field. Since then, a number of followers have carried out similar actions against their bitter rivals.

1364865654 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Buffalo defeated the Patriots in the AFC Wild Card round in 2021. Mac Jones, a rookie quarterback, threw a touchdown pass to Kendrick Bourne. The receiver abruptly pointed to the ground, perplexed. The dildo, unsurprisingly, reappeared. The video went viral almost immediately, much to the pleasure of NFL fans throughout the league. Many parents had tough chats with their children thereafter, it’s fair to say.

https-insidetheiggles USA Today Sports is required credit.

1. Eagles despise Santa Claus (1968)

Is there anything that could possibly beat this fan exhibition? Philadelphia has a well-deserved reputation for being America’s toughest sports city. In 1968, though, they pushed it to the next level (via NBC Sports). It’s critical to provide some background. The Eagles had a dreadful season, and their supporters were furious. They despised head coach Joe Kuharich and coined the catchphrase “Joe must go!” to describe him.

3wkuabu2qzd67kmufhdblrytui USA Today Sports is required credit.

The Eagles’ front office misread the situation. They agreed that showing some Christmas spirit would be a good idea. The arrival of Santa Claus on the pitch sent the supporters over the edge. They pelted the helpless figure with snowballs right away. It was, of course, a lack of class on the part of the supporters, but it became famous. It’s also the all-time most Philly tale.

The “nfl popularity 2021” is a time when the NFL had a bad reputation. The league’s lack of discipline and poor behavior led to many fans turning their backs on it.

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