Badminton Tip on How to Take Shots From Your Opponent

Badminton is one of my favorite sports. I grew up loving the sport. I have done many researches on the sport and would like to share them with you here. Here are some tips on how to take shots from your opponents..

In a game of badminton, getting ready to take shots from your opponent is one of the key strategies to win a game. You must prepare yourself carefully and always be alert for any shots from your opponent. This way you can optimize your chances of turning the shots in your favor.

To be in ready position means you should put your focus on how your opponent hit the shuttle. Watch, how the shuttle leaves the racket of your opponent. Expect it to cross the net and into your court. Be alert and try to hit the shuttle on the run as your opponent will rarely send the shuttle directly to you during a tournament.

One good way to get to the shuttle fast, is to take a small bouncy step and slide into position to hit the shuttle. Once you have made a returned shot, remember to recover back to your mid court as quickly as possible. Get ready to expect a return shot from your opponent. If you foresee that you are not able to get back to the center court fast enough, stop where you are. It is essential that you are not moving when your opponent hits the shuttle. The reason is it is easier to go for the shuttle in a standstill position than in a moving position.

As your opponent gets ready to hit the shuttle, watch his or her racket. Focus on the shuttle and wait until you are sure of the direction the shuttle is traveling before making your move. Do not guess or anticipate too soon. As soon as you have determined the direction of the returned shot, pivot your reach with your dominant foot and take a step-close-step or skipping action. Remember to keep your feet close to the floor and cross your feet over when you play backhand shot.

When you go to the net, your dominant leg should lead and push off to return to the mid court position. When you bring the non-dominant foot forward and place it near the dominant foot, then lean backward. The subsequent push off with both legs will greatly assist you in changing direction and propelling you back to center court even faster.